Single, young, nonprofit professional Pay's Rent On Time (mission district)

Ideally a landlord or Master Tenant will see this because they really want someone who pays rent faithfully on or BEFORE the 1st each month and someone who is totally respectful of others and other people's property.

I am a single, young male, nonprofit professional hoping to find a good landlord/master tenant to rent from starting as early as July. If later than July, let me know. I'm not in a serious hurry.

I pay my rent a day or 2 Before the start of a new month, my current landlady will confirm this.
I am very neat, quiet, peaceful and respectful of the environment that I call my home and that I might share with others.

I cook pretty much twice a week (every 3 days) because it is healthier and far less expensive than take-out.
I am looking for a place that has a full private bathroom for me, hopefully with a tub and shower.
I am looking for a place where all is included in the monthly rent. I am only one person. I do not use tons of energy.
I don't drive and so easy, close proximity to Bart and the fun stuff would be a plus.

I am looking for a furnished master suite or an In-Law unit that can accommodate myself and my few possessions. I only have a mini fridge, an air fryer and a toaster oven, in addition to my clothing and personal stuff. So, while I don't need massive space, I don't want to be confined in a small space.

I work a hybrid schedule with some days working from home.

Got questions? Ask me anything.

Thanks for reading and considering.

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