Seeking COVID-conscious housemate(s)! (San Francisco)

Hi! I'm seeking COVID-conscious housemates who would like to join me in searching for housing in the SF area *or* who already have space available that they could rent to me. These housemates should also be interested in being in community together.

## What COVID-conscious means to me
COVID remains a major public health issue. I take precautions to protect myself, my community, and especially those who are most vulnerable, including folks who are immunocompromised and disabled.

I use ventilators (KN95 or N95, depending on the situation) indoors. I try to refrain from attending large events during surges. I sometimes see individuals or very small groups without masks.

I want a housemate with whom I can openly discuss COVID-related issues. For example, we should be able to ask each other to test if we're concerned about an exposure. Or we should be able to ask to quarantine if someone wants to be extra safe during a specific time. I want reasonable accommodations and consent to be the basis of our relationship.

## What community means to me
I'm only interested in folks willing to be in community with me. In other words, I would like us to be friendly, to eat some meals together, or to sometimes go out together, for example.

The logistics of running the household could be anything from just social housemates (e.g., all of our expenses are separate) to a coliving-esque situation (e.g., everybody pools for groceries and household essentials, we hold regular meetings, etc.).

## Details
- My hard deadline for being in our new place is the end of the year (January 1st, 2025). My soft deadline is by the end of September
- I would strongly prefer to stay in SF, but I'll also consider Oakland and other BARTable areas closeby
- My total housing budget is $2,750 per month
- Strong preference for queer housemates

## About me
I'm a 26-year-old enby who's lived in SF for over 2.5 years. I work from home, am clean, and am pretty quiet.

I'm a musician and music lover. I'm also a public transit nerd, Buddhist, and would love to cook meals together. Some other topics that interest me are sociology, animation, and exploring the city (safely!).

## Final thoughts
For those who are still COVIDing, there's an immense amount of safety and peace in having a home environment with people you can trust. If this resonates with you, I invite you to reach out and to see if we could be a good fit. Thanks for reading, and stay safe! <3

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