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Vegan / Vegetaran Woman?? Universe Calling You Away??? Read on...


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Soooo, I just bought the most beautiful Lake and Mountain View Property in Lake Isabella... I am posting this ad out of my location because vegans are rare (okay, actually non-existent!) in this particular corner of paradise, and I really do need to find someone of similar mindset to move here and share this adventure - San Francisco is definitely where the more enlightened folks generally reside, hence it is here I find myself hoping to find an animal-loving & progressive vegan country girl (sorry - woman! :)) who perhaps has grown tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, and longs for a new life someplace peaceful and real. If you fit the description in the title of this post and you're feeling need of a change of scenery, I'm hoping you will continue reading and see if the universe placed these words in front of you for a reason. I know I'm writing it because 'something' told me it's time to put it out there... sorry if that sounds tin-foil-hatty... I am actually quite scientifically minded, as you will see later, but also I realize that we don't know everything, and there MAY JUST BE UNSEEN MAGIC afoot all about us! I was hesitant to place the ad in the rooms for share section but technically it's true, and the other sections of Craigslist where one might seek their life partner/soulmate are full of scams and people looking for one night stands, and that is not AT ALL what I'm seeking. Hopefully the title discouraged most people who don't fit - I was not intending to waste your time, and apologize if you aren't currently riding solo. Please don't flag this post if it isn't what you were looking for - have a heart, and I hope you find exactly what YOU are looking for! So, onward with my tale... as I was saying, I bought the most beautiful five acres of Lake and Mountain View Property in Lake Isabella, and moved here from the city in early 2018. It's actually the original townsite of an historic 1860's gold mining town, with many of the original buildings still standing. I spent the year fixing up the residence and the outbuildings to make it custom-comfy and livable... definitely country living but with all the pleasures of a city home and then some. Now, I'm seeking someone perfect and amazing (to me!) to share it with. I want to find a progressive vegan girl (sorry... woman), young-at-heart, city savvy but completely country comfortable in her old faded or ripped blue jeans... don't get me wrong, I myself love a big city and all it has to offer the traveller, and we won't be confined to this magnificently remote outpost perched at the feet of the Sierra Nevadas... nay, perish the thought - we can visit anywhere on the globe whenever the mood takes us... finances aren't a problem. If you have a job where you can travel, and still perform your particular talent(s) remotely, this would be ideal! If you don't have a current commercial gig, that's okay too. I hope you won't be offended with an old-world-style offer of me being the breadwinner - I'm okay with that. I won't get too specific about whom I am looking for, because you just never know what odd-seeming puzzle pieces are going to fit beautifully right, exactly where you never thought they would, do you know what I mean??? Chalk one up for the mystery of the universe. So, with that in mind, here is what I 'think' I'm looking for: Vegan (or vegetarian leaning towards vegan), physically fit for adventure or ready to get fit (because you're going to need to keep up), adventurous, progressive in your politics, pure of spirit with just enough "dirty" to make things interesting (please don't be evil though... that isn't at all what I'm talking about), creative and open to formulating outlandish plans and ideas (I'm a successful mad-scientist/inventor, so I'm going to be tossing ideas your way every day... I'd like 'em sent back to me with your custom alterations and improvements - creative fusion anyone???), aaaand lastly, physically attractive to each other - I guess we won't know until we exchange photos, though that is not always a great way of doing it, I don't know of another method unless you have a teleporter at hand :-). That's about as specific as I want to get about you... I'll let the universe handle the rest of the puzzle pieces! I also won't get too specific about myself, but here are some things that you want to know. First off, I'm sane. This is not a "come out and end up in the wood-chipper" ad... you can give all your friends my phone number and address. The chipper is not a shining mental image to put out there in one's efforts to catch a wonderful lady perhaps, but hilarious in it's 'Fargo' sort of way, and illustrative of the darker side of humor that when used properly, can be a wonderful release - yikes, I forgot to mention it earlier, I need someone with a truly fabulous and broad sense of the humerus (glad I caught that one, "smartphone"... I'm actually not illiterate, and it's 'humorous', not humorus of course - but I will leave it in because it's, well you know...)

Okay, you want to know about my physicality I suppose. I have the body of a 30 year old marathon runner - 6'3, 185 lbs and with my vegan diet and positive outlook I'm not getting old anytime soon, but chronologically it seems I've reached my mid-50s... if you're younger, that's okay ... maybe you can keep up?? Likely not at first, but I can train you! ;~> I'm skilled in a lot of areas... I give an amazing massage, hands of steel yet feather-sensitive, gentle and responsive. I can play pool like Minnesota fats, ride dirt and street motorcycles like Evil Knievel (though never with you on the back!), play drums like Neil Peart (okay I may be exaggerating a leeeettle here, but I'm very good!), strum a passable guitar, make BIG astronomical telescopes (including the optics) by hand, can do double flips on our trampoline, hike and live off the land like Daniel Boone (sans the critter killing), set up an entire solar power system in a day, fix anything mechanical, including airplanes, CNC machines, 3D printers, Etc
... oh, and invent! My passion! One of my recent inventions is currently the number one seller in it's niche on Amazon, and if you have any brilliant invention ideas of your own, they are MOST welcome, and we can bring them into reality with AutoCAD and the 3D printers and CNC machines, right here in my home workshop. I'm a lover of stars and starlight, good wine, music of almost all genres, lover of the ocean, animals, incense... thunderstorms, mountain vistas and the scent of pine trees... good books and someone special to read them to in a big soft hammock on a lazy summer afternoon. I can write you Shakespearean sonnets if you're into that sort of thing... I hope you are, because it's kind of fun to do. So, how am I doing? I don't know if any of this sounds creepy or weird, or what. I just know that I have to put it out there and see what happens. I'm David. Pleased to meet you.
Oh! I also have a big, sweet slobbery 150 pound English Mastiff, so I hope you like dogs! :-) ... he's the most adorable creature you've ever laid your beautiful eyes on...

If any of this sounds inviting, will you please drop me a line and say hello? Please do respect the vegan/ vegetarian / progressive aspects... I'm quite firmly set that these are characteristics that are non-negotiable. The rest, well, say hello and see what the universe says back to us. Much love and light to you either way, and to the world in this most weird and precarious moment in time... I hope we all find what we're looking for (except Trump of course... may all his dreams crumble to dust and blow away never to be remembered)

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