Buttload of Synth gear for sale - $5 (SF near ballpark)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: synth
Sequential Circuits Spilt -8 synthesizer. 5 octave 8 voice vintage completely analog midi synth with a Two timbre voice mode and a big wonderful 8 stacked oscillator super thick mode. Amazing Near perfect condition after 40+ yrs. Just some corner scuffs. Priced to sell at 480 dollars firm

Oberheim Perf/x collection – These are really clever midi boxes to help you with all sorts of functions. Drummer is an automatic drummer accompaniment that varies according to how you play. Strummer simulates Guitar strumming. Cyclone is a great arpeggio. I have all four released units and also the extra chips to have all of the functions possible for this collection plus an original box and some other extras including a whole circuit board for a spare. Whole set goes for 400 dollars which is the worth of the Cyclone alone.

LXR drum machine and synth. I have two of these amazing units both with the CV expansions in the back. They are incredible multivoice drum synthesizers with cool deep sequencing and programming features. I have TWO of these units I’d like to sell as a package. The first one is in good condition and works the second one has several buttons that are loose and will need to be repaired. Usually just one of these great drum synths goes for 400 I am selling both of these together for 375 I love them but I only have time to use so many.

PREEN FM synth – this is a Yamaha DX style FM synth with thousands of classic patches built right in. Great 80’s digital sounds. 120 dollars.

Novation A station – This is the one rack space version of the Novation K-station and V-station There is software to edit this virtually and as a result hundreds of patches out there plus this is a real hick 3 ocs synth that has performance controls for almost everything up front and a great arpeggiator I have two so you can buy one of them from me at 300 for this great synth

PAIA Theremax theremin – this was built from a kit in the 90’s by someone. It is sold as a project for parts but turns on and makes sound. 60 dollars.

Anatek studio merge. This is a vintage midi merger rack 8 inputs so that you can have a lot of inputs merged into one midi line. 50 bucks. If you need this you will be glad to see this appear. Rare.

Roland a-880 Midi patch bay. – another I hate to see go as it is one of the best midi patch bays made. Great simple routing 80 dollars.

Axoloti Core – This is a whole modular synth in a small box with the ability to add on your own hardware with its expandable i/o ports https://ksoloti.github.io/2-background.html 80 bucks.

Mostly looking for cash sales only, but open for trades of pinballs, Omega watches, a BBflat Tuba especially a Mirafone or a helicon. Working non- alcohol Neon Signs

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