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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Yamaha Kawai Baldwin Steinway
We are piano technicians with a workshop in the Santa Cruz area, and two brothers dedicated to providing high quality reconditioned pianos at the best prices throughout the SF Bay area.
Below are details of our current collection of pianos. Scroll down further for valuable information about our reconditioning process.
The price listed on each piano includes everything - all the services, local delivery and 1 year warranty.

check out reviews on our website: www.starlightpianos.com

And listen to some of our pianos at our soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/starlight-pianos



- Pic 1 - Yamaha U1 Walnut: $4200
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/ivYsHfcTmFypTLFb6
Yamaha U1 48" upright piano in walnut finish, built in Japan in 1983, in excellent condition.
Yamaha U1 series is the most popular upright piano in the world, due to their consistent quality and richness of tone.

- Pic 2 - Yamaha U1 Gloss Ebony: $4000
Yamaha U1 H 48" upright piano in gloss ebony finish, built in Japan in 1977, in excellent condition.
We also have an ebony Yamaha U1 built in Japan in 1970 with legless design.

- Pic 3 - Kawai Console : $2500
Kawai console piano in a dark walnut finish, in excellent condition.
This piano was built in 1985 in the original Kawai factory in Hamamatsu, Japan.
It has a full, rich tone and precise responsive action.

- Pic 4 - Knabe Upright w/ Silent System: $2500
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/Urm6rRxTEFa8mdmF9
2010 Wm. Knabe 48" upright piano in polished mahogany, made by Samick, a well regarded manufacturer in Korea.
The piano has very little play and is in like new condition.
Comes with the Genio silent-play system installed for quiet practice with headphones.

- Pic 5 - Baldwin Hamilton : $1800
The Baldwin Hamilton is a popular staple American made studio upright piano.
They are well regarded for their sturdiness and reliability, and hence common in educational institutions.

- Pic 6 - Baldwin Hamilton Gloss Ebony : $2000
Baldwin Hamilton studio upright piano in gloss ebony finish, built in USA in 1998.

- Pic 7 - Baldwin Upright : $1600
Baldwin Hamilton style 246 upright, built in USA in 1980. It has a full and warm tone.

- Pic 8 - Samick Upright : $1800
Samick 48" upright in mahogany finish, with curved legs. Features middle practice pedal a slow-close lid.

- Pic 9 - Weissbrod German Upright : $3000
1920s Weissbrod full size upright piano at 52 in. tall. A rare and exceptional
German piano made of native old-growth timber with deep cinnamon tobacco finish in satin.
Weissbord is a highly respected German brand now under the name of Wilh. Steinberg.
It has a unique tone - a growly yet warm bass with a rich tenor and sweet treble.

- Pic 10 - Steinway & Sons Console : $3200
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/S2UNdZ8fmRQvDeXt8
Steinway Model F-73 console piano in mahogany finish, built in USA in 1984, in excellent condition.
Steinway has a reputation for their high quality workmanship.

- Pic 11 - Steinway & Sons Model K : $10,000
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/7PBMU1u9ytrhB77C8
Steinway K full size upright, built in USA in 1917, that has undergone our reconditioning procedure.
It has a custom 2 tone finish. The dark walnut brown is original finish with nice patina and the light elements are
our custom refinishing which brings out a nice distinction to this piano while keeping things simple.
Excellent tone, warm and bold. Great resonance with strong bass and bass tenor.

- Pic 12 - Steinway & Sons Restored Cottage Upright : $12,000
A rare genuine masterpiece. 1867 rosewood Steinway upright piano in pristine condition.
May very well be the cleanest Steinway upright one can find from the 19th century with
original finish and original ivory / ebony keys. In museum quality condition.
Comes with matching vintage stool with adjustable height.

- Pic 13 - Kohler & Campbell Console : $1200
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/uwuyPJCedFWkxm5X9
Kohler & Campbell queen anne style console built in USA in 1961, in excellent condition.

- In the works :
- Steinway Uprights and Grand

- We have several full-size antique uprights available for cheap for those with lower budget

We have a large collection of grand pianos of various brands, sizes and price ranges.

- Pic 14 - Chase Baby Grand : $3000
Circa 1930s Chase 4'10" baby grand piano. Solid American made brand.

- Pic 15 - Yamaha G2 Baby Grand w/ Player System : $12,000
Listen to this piano here: https://on.soundcloud.com/E8TegDwDM61DbssQA
1990 Yamaha G2 baby grand piano at 5'7" in length in polished white finish, built in Japan.
For those looking for that white grand piano to add a signature touch to your home decor...this is it.
The piano is in pristine condition and is an excellent refined instrument with low miles.
This Yamaha G2 also comes with the valuable QRS PNOmation autoplayer system, factory installed,
that plays the piano automatically, and a selection of CDs with dozens of songs.

Our stock is always changing, let us know what you're looking for, you're budget, etc. and we can do our best to accommodate you.


We are at our workshop most days from 11am until evening. You can email to schedule an appointment to come by and check out our pianos.
Alternatively, if you are too far to come by our workshop, we have had many satisfied customers who have bought pianos from us at a distance, with the help of high resolution pictures, audio, video and/or facetime - which we can provide for any piano upon request.
Any piano can be reserved with a 10% deposit via paypal, venmo, or debit/credit card.



Our pianos come fully serviced & tuned, with free local delivery and a 1 year warranty included. Tuning is guaranteed at time of installation.
We are able to invest a lot of valuable services that should be done on any piano that you buy,
while still maintaining affordable prices, due to low overhead. Our pianos are up to half the cost of dealers.
Brands that come through our workshop include Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Young Chang, Samick, etc.
Our inventory is always changing so check back in on this page often!


Each of our pianos are fully serviced and reconditioned before we deliver it to you. This process includes:

- Deep cleaning of all elements of the piano including the action with pressured-air
- Tuning of strings to A-440 pitch
- Regulation of the action to factory setting for optimal touch
- Lubrication of key pins, pedals and more
- Voicing of hammers
- Pedal calibration
- Repairs if needed
- Touch-up and polishing of the cabinet
- Piano bench included

Delivery is included for free in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and Monterey area to first floor of home with 3 or less steps.
Further distance delivery and additional steps can be negotiated.


Pianos are among the most complex and intricate instruments ever made.
Before you invest in a piano, you want to be sure all the components are healthy and properly functioning.
By going through us you can be secure knowing that each of our pianos have been thoroughly inspected,
come fully serviced and professionally delivered, and include a 1 year warranty on the mechanical and structural integrity.
This is a much safer, and more reliable method of getting a piano, rather than buying a used piano 'as-is' from an owner
that may not know the true condition of it, and likely hasn't had it serviced or tuned for years.
Then you need to coordinate and pay $200 - $600 for moving, followed by more expenses arranging for a piano tuner to get it tuned,
and the piano still hasn't been cleaned, lubricated, regulated or polished, and may have unforeseen problems which surface that require costly repairs.
On the other hand, buying a new or even used piano from a piano dealer can be prohibitively expensive.
We aim for the sweet spot of both quality and affordability, and make finding the right piano for you an enjoyable and easy experience!


We also accept donations, trade-ins and buy pianos (depending on brand)
Additionally, we offer professional piano moving services anywhere in the Bay Area.
If you purchase a nice piano elsewhere, we can pick it up and bring to our workshop to
have the piano fully serviced and then delivered to your home with tuning guaranteed.

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