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¡Hola a todos!

I am a licensed mid-high Spanish teacher with a Masters of Education and 10 years of Spanish tutoring and teaching experience, including in local public and private schools and more than 2 years cumulatively spent living, working and traveling in Latin America. I have independently tutored hundreds of students of all ages and learning styles and offer top-notch, highly-personalized sessions focused on targeting student challenge zones and building on student strengths. If you or your child is struggling with Spanish or simply want to learn the language, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to schedule a free 1-hour trial session! Note that at this time, I am only offering online lessons. My rate is $80/hr, payable through Venmo or Paypal.

Read on for my bio, including more about my background, teaching experience and philosophy!

My primary goal as a Spanish tutor is to engage students in a unique and exciting learning process that will help propel them towards success in their current academics as well as the spectrum of life pursuits that awaits them. Paying attention to the distinct abilities of and challenges facing each student, I tailor my tutoring methods to accommodate a range of learning styles and needs. Through this adaptive approach, I believe it is possible for every individual to succeed at and gain enjoyment from studying Spanish!

I have experience teaching in a variety of settings, including public school classrooms in Santa Cruz County and Mountain View Los Altos districts (CA) and Springfield High School (OR), as well as private schools in both Menlo Park and Palo Alto (CA). In addition to teaching, I have been tutoring independently for the past 10 years, working with students in and around the Bay Area, as well as remotely through online sessions up and down the West Coast. Through my work with students in a range of locations between California, Oregon and Washington, I have become intimately familiar with many of the specific Spanish programs, teachers and curricula, enabling me to support students in a dynamic way that aligns closely with their academics and maximizes their progress. Prior to my work in education, I received my B.A. from UC-Santa Cruz after a background of diverse intellectual explorations and later received my Masters of Education through the University of Oregon, with a primary endorsement in Spanish and secondary endorsements in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and English Language Arts (ELA).

Beginning at an early age, I had extensive training in Spanish and carry an in-depth understanding of both the written and spoken language. Having worked and traveled extensively in Latin America on more than ten separate occasions, I have also noted cultural and idiomatic differences that are useful to students trying to improve and gain a more wholesome understanding of Spanish language and culture to extend their knowledge outside the classroom walls and apply it in “real world” settings. In the last few years, I founded and managed a cycling tour operator on the coast of Uruguay and ran a successful adventure tour in Argentina to experience the total solar eclipse. During a number of my travels, I have even continued to meet with students remotely, giving them snippets of cultural immersion directly from the source to their computer screen!

I have a serious passion for all things Spanish and my students know me not just as an effective, results-oriented coach for their studies but as a mentor who pushes them towards opportunities to make Spanish applicable and meaningful in their own lives. To this effect, I draw on diverse materials and resources to facilitate students’ connections to the content with the aim of catalyzing relevancy to their lives. I'm a firm believer in the power of language to broaden perspectives and connect people in invaluable ways and as such I’m always encouraging students to get out and use Spanish in their day to day lives. Learning a language should be fun, challenging and ultimately, empowering! To embody that empowerment, however, requires an intentional and targeted approach to the Spanish language.

For high school learners, I tutor up to AP-Level Spanish and offer help with conceptual understanding of grammar, conversation, reading and audio comprehension, development of effective study techniques and improvement of organizational/time management skills. At the AP level, I have coached dozens of students in strategies and methods that help them achieve proficiency goals and specifically hone their testing skills towards the AP Exam - with most of my students scoring 4s and 5s! From my experience in a variety of teaching settings, simply put I know what works and provide students tried and tested tips, tricks and strategies to achieve their highest level of success. While we generally focus on the study materials and homework that have been provided to each student, I supplement with outside resources as much as possible. I find it especially vital to incorporate other online resources, alternative texts and various activity worksheets in conjunction with Spanish visual and audio media (i.e. music, video, radio, podcasts etc.) in order to reinforce different elements of Spanish language and culture. At the core of all my tutoring, I pride myself on immersive lessons where students can hear the language and feel comfortable and encouraged to speak. Languages after all don’t just exist on paper - they are also meant to be spoken!

In addition to support for learners enrolled in Spanish classes, I also work with independent learners of all ages and levels. Whether you are looking to immerse a child in introductory Spanish or you, as an adult, want to gain, refine or master skills, I'm able to employ a curriculum specific to these needs, ranging from vocabulary and grammar explanations and practice to fully conversation-based lessons. Although a smaller fraction of my overall students, I have helped a variety of adult-learners to boost their Spanish proficiency for the purposes of work, travel and/or the sheer joy of learning. It’s such a joy to see my adult learners take their Spanish into a kaleidoscope of settings!

In all of my sessions, I aim to bring the Spanish language alive and invigorate students to embody their full potential! Generating personalized learning strategies, boosting confidence and embracing inquisitiveness are my ethos and I look forward to establishing relationships with students that encourage them as thriving life-long learners.

Please contact me with any questions or to figure out how I can help. I am happy to discuss students' needs in further depth and offer ideas on how I can best support them!


Amasa Warner

What my clients have to say:

"My son had given up on Spanish when we contacted Amasa. In fact, he hated it and thought learning a second language was pointless. Amasa was the right person at the right time. His mastery of the language and ability to teach the material was impressive. And because Amasa is a young man, my teenage son could relate to him well and enjoyed their sessions. He began to study more, learn more and perform much better on oral and written assignments. His grades improved dramatically. Hiring Amasa was one of the best decisions we've made."
-Jenny M.

"Amasa is a fantastic Spanish tutor. My son is taking Spanish 3 in high school. Amasa not only helps him with the work he is currently learning, but also helps him understand the big picture. He is extremely organized and a great communicator in terms of scheduling. Amasa is also flexible which is important when your student has extra curricular activities. Thanks so much, Amasa!"
-Sue M.

"Amasa's approach to my daughter is patient and encouraging. He uses the textbook to understand what is coming next in her lessons and prepares her, as well as concentrating on building a foundation of basics. He is actually teaching, not just addressing the work at hand - some tutors do not have that skill, ability, or interest."
-Linda K.

“Amasa is amazingly skilled at what he does. In just a few months’ time, my daughter’s confidence has skyrocketed to the point where she is using Spanish with her Spanish-speaking friends at school and helped our family navigate a trip to Chile this last summer, speaking Spanish with cab drivers, hotel staff and our tour guide. Now in her second year of tutoring with Amasa, she is tracking well in her AP Spanish class (a class she did not need to take and had not planned to take before) and is consistently scoring 5s on her graded practice tests. Amasa’s help has been invaluable and we are thrilled to see our daughter not only excelling but enjoying her language studies.”
-Helena C.

"Amasa tutored my freshman son in Spanish 2. He has excellent oral and written knowledge. We will be using him again next year for Spanish 3. Money well spent."
-Erin B.

“My two children have been working with Amasa for the past three years. Both my son and daughter have made huge leaps because of tutoring sessions that are engaging and full of energy. Amasa meets students where they are at, identifying precisely the areas that need improvement and using a skilled methodology to help them level up. The usefulness of tutoring sessions has been evidenced not just by dramatically improved grades but by an increased interest in the language. My son is in his junior year and has now committed to a summer program in Costa Rica, owing in no small part to Amasa’s encouragement and inspiration. Thanks, Amasa, for all your support!”
-Tamara K.

“Amasa is super fun to have sessions with. I have always liked learning Spanish but had a really hard teacher last year. I couldn’t understand what was happening in class and was really behind. Amasa helped me catch up and get ahead. I am speaking more in class now and doing a lot better on my tests. I also like hearing about his trips and got to see different parts of Argentina this year when he was there. Thank you!!!”
-Kaylee D.

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