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Assembling a Start-up Team

no pay

Good day,

I'm assembling a foundation team for a company I've been working on for sometime now.

This is not a fast money kind of thing so if that's what you're in need of I suggest looking else where.

What I'm trying to create is no small task it will require a large expanse of multi-disciplinary coordination and it will take some time.

However, the payoff is tremendous not only monetarily but it will set the foundation to usher in a new age of technological advancement.

I realize that sounds fanciful and perhaps an investment too great to afford, however producing a proof of concept is all it will take to get venture capital on board and make this a full time job.

I am hesitant to create definite buckets for team members to fill, instead think of this as just a rough outline of the type of people I need, that is to say even if you don't have a certain specialization, etc., I'm more interested in people with affinities for certain types of knowledge that are willing to learn and expand.

Programmer(obviously) a large part of this software is using AI to simulate environments

Chemistry & molecular biology

Quantum physics can be useful, however at all costs, I would like to create a viable product that does not require operating on the quantum level.

aside from these specific disciplines there is a certain talent (which I lack) that I would like to see filled;

the avid networker, adept at maintaining a large number of fringe relationships, synthesizing team cohesiveness, socializing and all that jazz.

What is not to be implied from this is that you will have the set job of programmer or networker cool guy jazz man. These are just certain things I need in the team.

Anyway feel free to contact me, I am not in San Francisco currently, I'm actually posting this to a couple different major cities none of which I live in. I didn't really want to do it this way but it's the most efficient option.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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