maak plasing gnstling Hair color (balayage)needed tomorrow and Wednesday 9/18 & 9/19 (SOMA / south beach) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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Brady st


Hello all!
I am a Hair stylist at Veer and Wander Salon. I have been a Cut and Styling Specialist for the last 6 years and have finally made the decision to start taking color clients.

At this time I am taking BALAYAGE models at a discounted price. I am looking for people Interested in Tints, Toners, Highlights, Balayage , Fashion colors, Bleach and Tones, and Color Corrections.

Please feel free to check out my Ig @kestyles.sf and inquire through there.

Pricing for models is listed below..

Tints/ Toners/ Glosses $50 ( usually 95+)
Highlights/ Balayage Partial $100 ( usually $175+)
Highlights/ Balayage Full $150 (usually $225+)
Fashion color $150+ (usually $225+)
Bleach and Tone $100+ (usually $175+)
Color Correction $40/hr
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