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Make not paying taxes great again! (sfo > palo alto) pic map

at stake - our culture and constitution. (sfo > Stop the socialist student movement) map

Barney Whatver has 8 Super Deligators pic map

The Word "Freemason" Decoded = FreeSaxon (Word "Mason" as "Xason"). (sfo > Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight) map

Silican Valley Cain't Save Themselfs, let along the Earth map

President George W. Bush Visited a Mosque Within Days of 9/11 (sfo > I Stand Corrected - Art Lover) map

understand in my 24 years as a family practice doctor (sfo > berzekely) map

Who Owns the Zika Virus? map

Shocked to Learn (sfo > berkeley) map

The reality of empire rarely reaches the American public. map

Nation of Brain Dead Television Zombies. map

A Breakdown of Decency is Athiest Hate Porn Troll map

Those Who Follow the Politics Monkey Show- READ FACTS! map

Mercy Housing Non-Profit Scams Seniors (sfo > San Francisco) map

BREAKING: Obama Just Quietly Signed the TPP pic map

Bay Area Murals for Bernie Sanders (sfo > oakland downtown) pic map

NASA is secretly planning a disastrous asteroid strike map

re: Cruz is more like Nixon than Reagan (berkeley) pic map

The odds are high that some of readers of this suffer from DTD (sfo > Woman Who Got Lost at Home) map

Human friends have a glaring disadvantage: snitches map

PROP 215 TOP SHELF BUD pic map

Cruz is more like Nixon than Reagan (sfo > berkeley) map

Clinton says she'd pick Sanders for Vice President map

Debate a Libertarian?? (sfo > bayview) pic map

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (sac > Sacramento) map

Dick Gregory - The Reality TV Politics of Donald Trump map

the name is Art Lover just exactly like one of America's Founding Fats (sfo > I Simply Quotes Obama lies) pic map

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Aryan Brotherhood map

Since when was GOD ever been OK with Liars? (sfo > tiburon / belvedere) map

re Republican presidents have visited American mosques in past (sfo > I Simply Quotes Obama) map

The Human Genome is Tool of Biologic Warfare. map

Art Lover thinks "progressive" is just a new word for "liberal" map

RE;2~print Kudos to President Barack Hussein Obama for The First Ever pic map

Republican presidents have visited American mosques in past (sfo > Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian Muslim) map

HILLARY AUDIO-CLIP==>Did What She NEEDED To Do IN IOWA!==>YEAHHH!!! (sfo > san rafael) pic map

re calling all loosers [sic]. protest super bowl (sfo > Uh, That's "Losers" Jethro) map

â–ºTrump 666 predictive programming + Super Bowl 50 + 911 (sfo > Satanic Freemason Zionists EXPOSED) pic map

Darth Trump map

re:re x 2 Senator Marco Rubio - (San Jose West) (sfo > campbell) map

calling all loosers. protest super bowl (sfo > Risistence to success) map

Don't forget about the D's "debate" tonight map

NEW HILLARY "AUDIO"==>SHE DID WHAT SHE 'HAD' TO DO!!!=>3-min/37-sec=> (sfo > oakland hills / mills) pic map

vote for trump not Rafael Cruz don't trust online media polls map

toy poodle (sac > sacramento) pic map

Kudos to President Barack Hussein Obama for The First Ever Mosque ... (sfo > Visit By a Commander in Chief) map

re x 2 Senator Marco Rubio - (San Jose West) map


Socialism; a teenager's argument pic map

Former 12-Year-Old Rape Victim: "Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell" pic map

died Wednesday after being yanked into a mixing machine at Reams Food (sfo > Minimun Wage Work) map

re; re: PROTEST SUPERBOWL HYPE (financial0 Why does this offend you? map

TPP officaly signed Today. pic map


Q-Tel as well as DARPA-hedgemonic psychotic force in World Affairs (sfo > See: Foreign Affairs magazine) map

DoD Audit Faults Diversity Spending map

Yes!-Hilarious mistake by German nationalists (berkeley) (sfo > but who forced Merkel to Obey?) map

Wall Street? I ain't Not Seen No Wall, it was Berlin! (sfo > Ronald Reagan TORE Walls Town!) map

Some Real Smart Feooer-anser me thisa hear map

re: PROTEST SUPERBOWL HYPE (financial0 Why does this offend you? map

Hilarious mistake by German nationalists (sfo > berkeley) map

Blood And Gore: Making A Killing On Anti-Carbon Investment Hype map

Debate a Libertarian?? (sfo > bayview) pic map


The Last Straw (Ronald Quidachay and Glenn Youngling) (sfo > 400 McAllister St.) map

The Last Straw (Ronald Quidachay and Glenn Youngling) map

RufRydrRADIO=>AUDIO=>"Hillary Did What She Had To Do . . ."=>3min/37s (sfo > san anselmo) pic map

Carpool to Reno NV for Bernie (sfo > berkeley) map

COSBY WALKS HILLARY WALKS OBAMA VISITS MASQUE (sfo > How is your country doing these days) map

Media does not want you to vote for Ted Cruz (sfo > Media shepherds leading us by the nose) map

Boycott San Francisco (Super Bowl) Now until Feb 11 (sfo > Bay Area) map

re: PROTEST SUPERBOWL HYPE (financial district) map

HILLARY AUDIO-CLIP=>WINS IOWA!=>Yeah, Baby!=>3min/37sec=>Bernie? (sfo > berkeley north / hills) pic map

Yo, Daddio==>NEW AUDIO==>3-min/37-sec=>HILLARY DONE DID IT/IOWA!=>YO (sfo > san anselmo) pic map

PROTEST SUPERBOWL HYPE (sfo > financial district) map

Mario Woods was a scumbag criminal... map

I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmo (sfo > sonoma) map

I'm No Troll, But See My Post on Mexican Physics Genius Alcubierre (Is (sfo > 'm No Troll) map

re x 2 Senator Marco Rubio - (San Jose West) (sfo > berkeley) map

$6 million for a HOMELESS veterans groups (sfo > San West Jose how much YOU give) map

THERE IS NO 'TAVIS AND BUNYARD' shetookhimawayfromme.com pic map

womens sufflughage nazi hitlor femail voters hillary eva braum map

re x 2 Senator Marco Rubio - (sfo > San Jose West) map

The incoming fire is going to be hot and ;heRubio's third-place finish (sfo > Rubio is no different from the McCains) map

on KCBS-Rubio Droped Out. Means VOTE FRAUD (sfo > Replugh Quitter/cheater) pic map

Rush Limbaugh insists that conservatives are not mean (sfo > berkeley) map

Made in Haiti (sfo > berkeley) map

Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts You Fucking Idiots (sac > Sacramento) map

The Canadian letter to the editor (sac > United States) pic map

RE: How about all that diversity in the presidential race? map

re:To Senator Marco Rubio - Third Place Means You are a Loser (sfo > San Jose West) map


Santa Rosa 4 Affordable Housing... Not a $10 Million Courthouse Square (sfo > santa rosa) pic map

Ammon Bundy and His Flock of Wackobirds Should Get Killed, you mean (sfo > Prejudice against the Constitution?) map

RufRydrRADIO=>IOWA=>TONITE'S AUDIO-CLIP=>@ 9:30PM=>PLABACK=>@9:45 (sfo > novato) pic map

RE:Trump - When You Behave Like Right Wing CL Posters, You Lose (Just (sfo > You not aware of Populist's) pic map

the richest family in the world are Mexican pic map

Theo Albrecht Jr. and family -- $18.9 billion (sfo > Trader Joe's) map

Star Trek Lives (sac > Auburn) pic map

Islam: the people Ishmael, Abraham's son (sfo > But I Think They are Monsters)) map

The Rape of European White Women: US war on women' in the U.S., map

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