Female LEAD SINGER Original Music - Various Styles - Arcane Lullaby (aptos)

Seeking FEMALE LEAD SINGER - Original Music - Various Styles - Arcane Lullaby

• Can sing in key / on pitch, matching our recordings as closely as possible (octave / note substitutions to accommodate range is fine)

• Likes our music, wants to join the band, sing our songs, rehearse regularly, gig when possible and is interested in committing to this project for a long time

• Is interested in it for the love and joy of making live music

• Has band experience and can be an engaged and professional front-person with stage presence

• Clear communication. Be responsive to texts and emails for scheduling rehearsals, gigs and recording sessions

• Respects the sacred timeline (respects and honors schedules committed to)

Arcane Lullaby is a band based in Santa Cruz, California that plays all original music of various genres including alternative rock, psychedelic, funk, blues, metal, pop, punk, goth, reggae, soul, and completely original styles.

We are looking for a new female lead singer who is able to commit to being in this band, singing our songs, rehearsing on a regular basis, playing gigs, and recording new music as it is written. The guitarist and drummer have been playing together in this project for three years, have great chemistry, are committed and are tight. We are still looking for the right match for a singer and hope to find someone who will be a long-term perfect fit.

Please listen to the 15 songs on our full-length album, Arcane Lullaby Innermost Seer, as well as our two older singles, Crush, and Fickle. These are all available to stream on all the usual places (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc.) There are also five new songs, Abandoned Book, Loverlovee, A Beautiful Day, Maestri, and Hype which you can see a live performance of on YouTube. These 22 songs are the songs that you will be singing in this group as well as more songs as they are written. We are not a cover band, all the music is original, written by the guitarist.

Being in a band takes time, energy and work but it is also really fun and rewarding, especially playing live and putting out albums. We are looking for someone who can be realistic about how much time they have to dedicate to learning the music, rehearsing, playing gigs, recording and progressing together as a band. Please only apply if you are certain that you love our music, want to be a part of it and feel that you have the time and space in your life that you can commit to it for the long term. We have had too many members come and go. This is not just a casual fling. We have serious passion to have this band reach its potential and bring meaning and joy to audiences (and ourselves). We have no delusions of grandeur and are not trying to “make it” in the music world. We just want to be successful in terms of enjoying playing music together for the long term, playing live shows, making some recordings, and making a meaningful impact to a growing audience of fans.

If you are interested in trying out to be our new singer then please respond to set up a time to meet and audition by singing at least three of our songs with the guitarist. If you seem like a good fit then we will work on getting several songs down before you sing with the drummer at which point we can see if there is good chemistry and the fit is good all around. Then if all goes well there we would ask you to start learning more of the (22) songs - again by first working with the guitarist to get the vocals down before rehearsing with the full band. At the beginning this may take several sessions to get you up to speed. Then we will rehearse as full band to get tight in the new configuration before we will gig. Once we are gigging we will not have to rehearse as often unless we are working on new songs or preparing for a recording session. We are looking for longevity.

We are all in this for the love and joy of making music. We have fun and enjoy ourselves making music together. We evenly split the money we make at gigs including tips, but we cannot pay anyone for rehearsals. We have all the equipment and our own PA system as well.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so please email. Also please let us know if you have any questions. Also please check out our website http://arcanelullaby.com

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