Friedman BE-50 Deluxe, like new - $2,650 (santa cruz)

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2022 Friedman BE-50 Deluxe in basically perfect condition. This is almost certainly the best-sounding amp that I've ever owned, but it's overkill for me. I ended up buying a Friedman Smallbox which is more in line with my needs. I never run the gain higher than 6 on the BE channel and don't even need the HBE channel for my style. Comes with footswitch, power cable, manual, etc.

According to Dave Friedman's numerous comments on Tone-Talk and forums like Rig-Talk, the BE-50 and BE-100 Deluxe models are capable of making pretty much all of the signature model amp gain channel tones like the Jerry Cantrell JJ-100, the Steve Stevens SS-100, the Butterslax, etc. All of the toggle switches and especially the Response knob make it extremely versatile, but for my tastes I run it exclusively in the normal BE settings anyway.

I just bought a Les Paul Custom so I'm not interested in trades, except possibly for a Soldano SLO-30 (I've always been curious to try a Soldano).

I would possibly sell the Mesa 4x12" Traditional cab pictured as well, because I never use it outside of the home. I bought it 3 years ago because I've always wanted a 4x12", but I always end up playing my Mesa Vertical 2x12" with the band and again, the 4x12" is just overkill for my needs (though it sounds sooo good at home when the wife is out). It's a Traditional and not Oversized cab, so sounds a little more like a classic Marshall cab with a little more mids and tighter low end, less boomy in the bass.

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