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🛫 “Obviously it’s a Travel-A-Fare” 🏖️ (san jose downtown)
We Specialize in the following Destinations!

*Disneyland Resort & California Vacations!
*Walt Disney World Resort & Florida Vacations!
*Cruises to Alaska, Mexico, Caribbean, Bahamas!
*Caribbean Island Holidays!
*East Coast Sightseeing Trips!
*Weekend/Holiday Getaways!

* For over Twenty-Five years, ‘Travel-A-Fare’ has been Dedicated to Arranging Travel Memories!
* Our Travel Team are "True Destination Experts”! We ALL hail originally from Hawaii, Florida, California! The Most Popular Vacation Places! Our Travel Consultants are Highly Qualified Professionals!
* Our Exceptional, Proven Consultation & High Travel Industry Sales have awarded us an Awesome Buying Power! We have the Designation as being one of the "Top 12 Producers" of Travel Arrangements with Our Worldwide Affiliated Travel Consortium – Ensemble Travel Group! Major Travel Suppliers Have Offered Us Exclusive, Unpublished, Low Contracted Rates to offer our Clients!

* Considering the Significant Monetary Investment of a trip…Only Actual, Real, Firsthand Experience is Acceptable and Essential!
* We are a fellow travelers, who want to help you visit the world! Our goal is to Expertly Arrange your *Dream Vacation, *Honeymoon, *Weekend Getaway! You deserve a positive experience right from the beginning, knowing you have chosen the right selections with the best pricing available!
* At *Travel-A-Fare*, we constantly re-visit the Locations, Accommodations and Attractions we sell. We are EXPERIENCED and CERTIFIED Travel Consultants in those specific destinations!
* We keep a fresh resource of the most current destination information! We never assume or guess the answers to your questions!
* We offer true, unbiased reviews! Remember to be open-minded! The recommendations or advice given, may not be what you want to hear, but we want to be sure the advice given will offer the opportunity to choose the right selections to avoid any disappointments!

* We will suggest, if it is in your best interest of course, to pay less or a little extra for flights, accommodations or any other part of your trip. As long as it is cost effective or comfort worthy and within your budget of course.! We want to assure you will have the most enjoyable and surprise-free trip!

* Many Travel Agencies, who have proven to be “Power Sellers of Travel Services” and are Reputable by Travel Industry standards, will be part of a Consortium such as we are! Consortium Affiliations are Major Travel Suppliers grouped together, whom offer preferred agencies specially contracted reduced rates. Why? Because they know these agencies have faithfully continually to represent and sell their products with honest representation while maintaining the high standards required. The consortium members would never offer such special rates to inexperienced agents or their agencies! They want to avoid any type of bad representation of their travel services and products!

>>>BE AWARE!!! Other agents say they are the best and least expensive. The truth is, the majority only guess answers to your questions. Validating they are not experienced professionals!

* There is NO such thing as 50% Off hotels, flights, auto rental etc.! Rates are regulated by the travel suppliers! Airlines, Hotels, Auto Rental, Tour Companies would never Offer, Sell or Authorize such ridiculous low discounts! Any agent advertising such low rates will never mention to you until later the Unrealistic Restrictions, Gimmicks or Surprises add-on’s attached! Add-on’s such as Added Processing or Special Fees or Charges etc. that will be collected after you arrive! The worst Scam is to show up where there is no reservation or payment in your name, even after the agent has confirmed such with you!
* An agent offering those rates, will advise you first of the “Going Rate”, in which the Travel Industry calls a “RACK RATE”. This “The Official or Unadvertised Price” of Air, Hotel, Car, etc. prices! Those Rack Rates are never sold to the traveler at that price! Next the agent will advise you and compare, their “so-called” discount rates, against the rack rate! In reality, the lower rates they advertise and try to sell you, are the exact same general, across the board lower rates, offer by the supplier to everyone! Those agents will unpretentiously are selling the same across the board rate every travel agent as access to! They trick you into believing you have been given a major huge discount rate!!

Example: All hotel/motel rooms are required by law to show a form attached to the back door of the rented room. The Rate Rack for 1 Night is listed as one-hundred-ninety-five dollars. The actual rate you paid however, like everyone else, was sixty-seven dollars! As mentioned, the Untruthful Agent will advise you the high “Rack Rate” first!... Then they offer “their so called” lower 50% off rate! Which is actually the normal low rate sold to everyone!

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