Looking to form fun rock cover band

Okay, here’s the deal. Are you tired of trying to find band that insists you practice 4-5 days a week? Or a band that only wants to do originals or only wants to be a tribute band? I miss playing, but I don’t want a “strict” band where we got to practice every weekend, life is busy and we have lots of other obligations. I’d like to get a “hobby” band going, but, good enough that if we can play a live gig here and there, great.
I’m looking to get a group together, various talents, anywhere from ages 20-70. Looking to play zep, rush, maiden, soundgarden, 60-90’s rock, pop (b52’s, ska, etc) as long as it’s fun and we can do songs decent respect. If you had a background playing serious at one time, were in a band in high school, or just started playing and want to give try, even if we have interchangeable parts: 2 drummers cause neither can always make it, 4 guitar players but each practice maybe 2 show up, but as long as we can play a few tunes.

The hardest thing with any band is practice space. If you got a shop or garage that your neighbors won’t care, awesome, but there’s also a place near downtown San Jose you can rent space for day, if everyone wanted to split equally.

If this sounds more up your alley send me message.

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