American Audio VMS4 with Hard Case - $412 (los gatos)

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American Audio VMS4 with Hard Case
This American Audio VMS4 was used for a couple of years back in 2012-2014, but has been sitting in my closet since then as I don't mix anymore.
This is a great controller that works with most of the major DJ programs with the correct MIDI maps.
Extremely high build quality and hard case have kept it in great condition.
Pic to follow.

With complete analog mixer functionality in case of a computer crash, you can set up in the club with more confidence using this controller.

Get the dance floor jumping with this four channel DJ MIDI controller and mixer from American Audio. The VMS4 combines the power and flexibility of computer DJ software with the performance and handling that only comes with a good controller. Because it's an open source controller, it's compatible with any MIDI audio software via a built-in USB port, and is able to turn a laptop into a full-featured DJ powerhouse.

As an all-in-one DJ performance tool, the American Audio VMS4 can move easily and safely from home to gig and back again. It features enough controls to handle any DJ situation, but is compact enough to tuck under the arm and carry out to the car. On top of that, it's all housed in a sturdy steel casing to keep it safe.

The VMS4 is packed with features from American Audio's top-of-the-line mixers. With ultra-responsive touch-sensitive jog wheels, a full-function mouse track pad, MIDI-assignable touch strips and high-quality channel and crossfaders, everything needed to control the computer is onboard.

Each one of the VMS4's many knobs, dials and faders are fully midi assignable, which means it can map to the included Virtual DJ 6 LE software or any major DJ software. Users can choose between creating their own custom midi map or downloading pre-arranged midi maps from American Audio. In other words, the setup process can be as simple as using a pre-assigned map or as detailed and nit-picky as the user wants it to be.

Besides being an extremely expansive, great sounding, easy to use, professional grade DJ controller, at under $400, the VMS4 is nearly unrivaled in its price range.

Features of the American Audio VMS4:
- MIDI Controller with 4 USB / Analog selectable MIDILOG (MIDI & Analog) channels
- All audio control faders, knobs, switches, and buttons smoothed - eliminates popping, wiper noise, and zipper noise
- Bundled with VIRTUAL DJ 6 LE Software
- On/off soft startup and turnoff
- Gain/treble/mid/bass EQ on all MIDILOG channels
- 2 phono/line selectable analog channels
- Two microphone channels with illuminated on/off switches and gain/treble/mid/bass EQs
- On/off cueing on each MIDILOG channel
- Split cueing headphones with rotary mix control
- Illuminated rubber knobs for ease of use in dark environments
- Solid 1.6mm thick faceplate for extra durability
- Panel mounted rotary knobs
- Full analog mixer operation if the computer crashes or with external power supply
- Innofader replaceable crossfader compatible (sold separately)
- Crossfader curve control
- Crossfader assign and reverse
- Q-Start crossfader controlled startup for 2 external audio players
- User replaceable channel faders
- Master and Booth outputs with L/R balance
- Balanced Master outputs
- 12 position stereo master output VU meter

Price is for both.

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