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You have a perfect job and want to attract more clients? Or maybe you're seeking an ideal position, writing a blog or starting a new project? That is fantastic, I am already rooting for you! But I can help as well. I will make a picture of you to increase the attention because good portrait can sell you very well.

If you are thinking about hiring a photographer, I have another tip. You should consider three things:
• style (make sure you like those picks)
• personality (take a closer look at photographer's IG for example)
• services (prices, how far your candidate wants to travel, how long does editing takes, reviews, etc.)
There are so many photographers out there doing very different things in different genres - find one who is right for you 🦄 📸

To decide if we are a good match, you are very welcome to take a look at my portfolio ( and at me as a person (@nadia.valko on Instagram). I work between San Jose and San Francisco, shooting portraits for personal and business branding and promotion. I work with hustlers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. I am also very passionate about lifestyle genre and will do my best to help you achieve your goals.

But enough about me. Tell me more about yourself, what is it you do, at what do you want to succeed, I am all ears!

I promise right away, our shoot is already the most important thing to me. I care about your clothes, your smile, how are you feeling and what you think about the results. I will do everything I can to make our session comfortable and easy going.

Fel free to text me if you have any questions or suggestions.
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