$99 / 3br - Why Pay More? PayLess, in Stinson Beach (los altos)

1 Belvedere, Stinson Beach, CA 94941

Coming to the Coast of Paradise! On a budget, isn't everyone on a budget! I mean, every day people? Isn't Everyday, Christmas, New Years, St. Valentines Day...Love is and should be, Everyday! Everyone should be able to take a trip to the Coast and be able to afford it! Thats what we believe..no need to charge $300 and up to someone that can't afford it! And that is most of us! We are not asking an arm and a leg, to enjoy our establishment and have a nice day at the Coast....Why not! Why can't we offer a stay at an affordable price, to everyone and anyone! Come and be comfortable and enjoy our surroundings!
Escape the crowds to the Coast of Paradise, where Mt Tamalpais meets the Pacific Ocean, 31.2 mile long white sand beach Stinson Beach, Dipsea-Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Trails along the sWest Slope of Mt Tamalpais destination-Summit-Mill Valley-Lakes of Mt Tamalpais Watershed-Muir Woods National Monument? Temperatures rarely top 75 degrees..sleep aerated, w/o having to change your clothes periodically due to the heat...Bring a sun hat. enjoy!
Sunday, have the Crows Nest at $140.+14% TOT may be rented as a Single Night, $140+14% TOT. Lodging, from $110+14% in the Cabin Room, Weekend Rate from $150+14% TOT for two, this next weekend and all weekends afterward until November, fri and sunday can be single night rented, Sat-2 night minimum. Sun-thurs, available as a single night rental...Crows Nest is available, Sept. 11, Every Sunday through Thurs...at reduced rates, no hidden or security deposit fees! Any Days before or after a Holiday Reserve Fridays and or Sundays as a single night......call ASAP. Crows NesT, Rose or Cabin Room t Don't Pause..SB Redwoods Haus Rooms go Quick! Available next week beginning Tues the 11th of Sept....Indian Summer is Full On!
Weekly not including holidays or spring break, Cabin Room sun-thurs. from $130+14% TOT, for two. One person at $120.+14% TOT. Hardwood floors, queen bed, bathroom w shower, Cable flat-screen TV w VCR/DVD Player +Movies Video+DVD Galore+mini refrigerator.. Call show contact info Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Best way to insure, you can take advantage of our Summer opportunity at staying on the Coast.
TONITE, otherwise the days you prefer, a reservation can be insured by calling, show contact info , Angelika of the Redwoods Haus Reservation
Note: Due to Virus, Protocol of Protect and Prevent is practiced, at the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus, to further shield our guests. Serve and Protect! Staff Practice:
a. Protocol Guest Checks in, offers credit card for charging overnight fees, at entrance door, credit card charged within eye view of guest.
b. Keep Social Distance
c. Wear Gloves and Sanitize Rooms before Guests Arrive
d. Before you arrive, Redwoods Haus Staff: Wash all room linens, bedding, clean surfaces of doorknobs, furniture, and vacuum guest room(s), with Sanitizers and Organic Non-Toxic Cleaners.
e. Due to the
Pandemic Emergency, the full breakfast has been curtailed in favor of
a limited offering:
coffee, tea, honey, sugar, milk, bread, butter, jam, peanut butter,
fruit. Cereal if asked for is provided as well as utensils, dishes,
coffee cups, glasses, and bowls. Additionally, a microwave, coffee
maker, and small oven/broiler, is provided for guest use in the main bldg.
receiving room.
f. If you are bringing bicycles, secure
space for them is provided in the rear yard. Hardwood floors, queen bed, bathroom w shower, Cable flat-screen TV w VCR/DVD Player +Movies Galore+mini refrigerator..

Payout at 1995 Overnight Rates....No Internet Short Term Charges, No Deposit Fees, no Required Week Rate...Be Smart...How can you compete w an institution that dates back to 1904? Family owned, not enslaved to an Internet Short Term Rental Scheme?
Being Free of being hooked up to the Dow or Nasdaq gives the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus the ability to give short term vacationers a 1995 Overnight Rate.
Special Days like your B-Day, Wedding Anniversary, Holidays, Spring/Ski Breaks, Weekends and Weekdays should be enjoyed, rather than be a hole in your pocket book, small change, not a debt(no hidden security or deposit for cleanup Internet Platform STR Charges, that could sink your credit and make your getaway, costly.
..Save $, by making a reservation in advance, ASAP. Prefer 2 day Wknd/Wkdy Bookings, make it possible for the Redwoods to offset costs in energy bills of washing, maintenance and personal wear and tear by spending two days or more in the Coast of Paradise!

Bring Ample Clothing, for all 4 seasons..don't be surprised by sudden weather drop at nightfall or rain during the runup to the winter.

Note: beginning November, Rainy Day Rates from $110+14% TOT
Your single pet, Dog is Welcome, Not Allowed: Attack Dog breeds(German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pittbulls)+any and all domesticated Cats. Allowed Pet, one per room, wkdays from $25./$50., daily, depends on breed, weight and size, Wknds. from $35/$50. daily., remember(depends on breed, weight, size). After each owner w pet, innkeeper, cleans thoroughly w soap/water, vacuum/brooms entire room..Always, washes all linens and bedspreads...

What you should know!
Best way to insure, that you get a room on the days you prefer, is to call, show contact info Angelika of the Redwoods Haus Reservation, no answer? Email redwoods haus--------- No phone service, no instant reply from mail? You are in the area, need a room? Open 9am-9pm Daily, for Drop In!
Note: Due to Virus, Protocol of Protect and Prevent is practiced, at the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus, to further shield our guests. Serve and Protect! Staff:
Protocol for Checking In: Guest Checks in, offers credit card for charging overnight fee, at entrance door, credit card charged within eye view of guest.
Keep Social Distance

Following info on Breakfast, has been Suspended due to Omicron + Covid-19. Weekend-Guests receive breakfast. Weekend Guests can put in their order, beforehand, be served, in outside Rain-gartens, on tables and chairs. Or, with their full plates return to their rooms, to partake of their breakfast along with, O.J., Coffee, Tea, Water, Hard Boiled Eggs, Fruit, Cereal, Bread, Milk..
Select items or all from the SBRHINN (Breakfast cancelled due to C-19 precautions)Morning Breakfast Menu: Eggs, Coffee, Tea, Milk, O.J., Fruit, Butter, Jam, Peanut Butter, Bread, Hard Boiled Eggs, Sausage, Veggies, Cereal.
Guests access the Internet, through provided WiFi, password-1691691691, Save $ at the Redwoods Haus throughout the bldgs.+garden areas.

Where, can your fill your lungs w pure oxygen generated by the 1st rain, drought breaker, fanned by the Pacific Breeze by the Seaside? In a natural air-conditioned sanctuary, only 45 minutes away from San Francisco, in a zero tolerance for smoking/excessive drinking family supportive establishment, in the Redwood Room[see pics, www.redwoodshaus.com, for the unequaled Day rate of $120+14% TOT a day, 2 day minimum[Sun.-Thurs., in the Redwood Room] for a single person or two persons, pet xtra $25. Sun. - Thurs.. Single Day? $120. +14% WM TOT
Rainy Day Rates from $110.+14% TOT

Wilkommen, to the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn, in the Village of Stinson Beach, at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and Mt Tamalpais.

Be Stunned by the beauty of the mountains and the ocean. Enjoy, bask in the waves and declare, "Here at Last! Here is Paradise. Just the Two of Us."

The Pacific surf soothes the sore heart like a rhythmic, attentive, aural masseuse. Summon the sound of waves and the smell of salt and seek to melt thoughts down into liquid silver.

The Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn(SBRHINN)
circa 1904
show contact info
1 Belvedere and Hwy. 1
Stinson Beach Ca.

2022 Winter/Spring DAILY SINGLE PERSON NIGHY RATES*Sunday-Thursday*+Wknd.

Cabin Room-$130. 2 persons (2 day MINIMUM,+14% West Marin Transient Occupancy Tax(WM-TOT)
, $3. for two, +14% Hotel Tax Daily(TOT) Sun. - thurs., Holidays+Spring/Summer Breaks not included.
SINGLE DAY Guests are charged $13014% WM TOT

Wknd-$160.+14% hotel tax, (Two persons) Sat.-Cabin Room Only, 2 day minimum, Friday or Saturday-single day minimum

No Smoking or Excessive Drinking Allowed on Premises
The above rate is for 2 persons or less per room,
3rd person or Pet? Extra Child(3 max in room)+ 1 Pet per REDWOOD room ONLY by advance permission($25 xtra per pet, Sun.-Thurs., $50. per pet, Wknds) ($25.xtra person Sun.-Thurs., $50. per xtra person(Wknd.)
Crows Nest from $160. weekdays for two persons..allowed pet from $25.(lap dog) wk days, bigger breeds from $35. weekdays.. $50. per day, weekends....Rose Room from $130. weekdays for two persons..."

see pics at www.redwoodshaus.com
use email provided from Google-redwoodshaus
show contact info land line, RedwoodsHaus.com

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