KORG T2 76-key synthesizer, M1 on steroids - $499 (san mateo)

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KORG T2 is a part of T-series synthesizers, the second generation of the legendary KORG M1 synthesizer, the legend that defined 80s and 90s music. If you like classic sounds of M1 you'll LOVE the T2: it has them all plus a lot more!

T2 features an improved M1 sound engine, a digital AI-based implementation of the classic subtractive synthesis. The major improvements are:
- 189 initial waveforms ("multisounds"), samples of various acoustic and electric instruments, a basic building blocks of AI synthesis. M1 has only 100 waveforms, so it's almost twice the sound potential.
- Twice the number of drum samples (actual drums you can play or sequence).
- Twice more patch memory, now it has 200 Programs, in two banks. It reads all M1 sound cards!
- Large graphic display, not M1's tiny two-line alphanumeric display. You can see a lot more parameters on one screen, less scrolling back and forth is needed.
- Separate bank and program select rows of buttons, similar to D-50. Pressing "bank" number shows all programs in that bank, so you don't have to remember where this or that program is.
- extra controller capabilities with no less than 6 (six!) MIDI ports.
- Built-in floppy drive (don't laugh: it works fine and will save you ton of money vs. buying a pricey ROM cards. You can swap it with USB floppy adapter, will do the same using a standard USB memory stick. You can find thousands of M1/T sound banks online as SysEx files, save them to floppy or USB and then load straight to T2).
- 76-key semi-weighted synth-action keyboard (made by Yamaha, same as in DX7-II, SY77/99 and later Motifs. Yamaha was supplying keyboards for KORG since M1 untill Kronos). 76 keys make a big difference, you'll never run out of keys at the left, as it often happens with 61-key synths. IMHO 76-key is the optimum keyboard size for synthesizers, most of mine are 76-key models, unless they don't come in this size like M1 or D-50.

T2 sounds awesome! Listen to the sound samples on YouTube.

This particular T2 is in great condition, very few minor scratches, hardly visible, but nothing is bent, broken or otherwise damaged. Every key and button are working 100%, no dead keys. Even the aftertouch works, which is rare for a classic synthesizers. Display backlit is dim of course, common problem for the synths of that era, but still glows in the dark (means that power supply to display is fine). I just got the replacement backlight panel from eBay that I will include in sale.

Since ad is up, it means that KORG T2 is STILL AVAILABLE.

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