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LawInks, CLDP
Certified Paralegal and Bonded Legal Document Preparer

Certified Legal Document Preparer, offering Affordable Clerical Services to Attorneys - Litigants. Legal/Factual Research, Document-Formatting, Transcription, Proof-Reading, Printing, along with Document Retrieval and Filing Services.

I am a premium provider of legal outsourcing services and offer customized solutions with affordable and flexible pricing models to meet your unique requirements. As you outsource, I work as an extension to you and your in-house team, increasing your capacity and adding value to its bottom line. My success lies in yours.


Civil litigation, torts/personal injury, product liability, property damage, fraud, Federal Tort Claims Act and state public entity liability, class actions), evictions/landlord-tenant, medical malpractice, divorce-family law, contracts and business disputes, labor and employment law, harassment and discrimination claims (FEHA, Title VII, ADA, ADEA), trade secret misappropriation, breach of fiduciary duty, elder abuse, privacy, nuisance, malicious prosecution, SLAPP, and intellectual property.

California Civil Litigation
Complaints, answers, demurrers and motions to quash and strike, discovery, motions to compel, protective orders and summary judgment, motions for reconsideration, all law and motion filings, interpleaders, declaratory relief, injunctions, motions for stay, equitable causes/defenses, equitable tolling, anti-SLAPP, complex settlement agreements; and, trial.

Federal Civil Litigation
Complaints, answers, Rule 12 dismissals, class certification, Rule 56 summary judgment, ENE briefs, Rule 26 initial disclosures, discovery plans and orders, discovery requests, responses, motions to compel/protective orders, Civil pleading, case statements, trial preparation, post-trial motions

Trial preparation - authentication, organization of evidence, motions in limine, voir dire challenges, and post-trial motions for new trial, costs, attorney fees and enforcement.

Specializing in State Court Appeals, 9th District Appeals, and United States Supreme Court Writs.

Arbitration (AAA commercial, UM/UIM) procedure, petitions to compel/oppositions, motions to set aside or confirm award, motions to compel appointment of arbitrator/disqualify arbitrator, numerous mediations and settlement negotiations

Intake, file prep/setup, claims presentation, obtaining medical, business, employment records, demand preparation, settlement negotiation, settlement/release procedures.

OS X/MacOS, Wordperfect, Office-Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, GoogleDocs, OpenOffice, Dropbox, Prolaw, Abacus, Amicus, MyCase, Clio, RocketMatter, CaseLogistix, Concordance

We also provided:
• E-filing and serving
• Investigative Services

If you're a legal practitioner handling legal claims for lost profits, disputes relating to intellectual property, insurance claims, real estate claims, breach of contract, and valuations of closely held businesses; litigation support services help you manage your caseload. I am proud to have the professional qualifications and experience you expect, well-acknowledged for the speedy response, fast preparation for court, poise, and above all, integrity.

Working for many attorneys and firms in civil litigation: conducted investigations, secure Affidavits, draft pleadings (Complaints, Answers and Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims and Replies, Motions for Summary Judgment and Responses Thereto, Motions to Dismiss and Responses Thereto, Motions to Quash Service, Motions to Strike, Motions to Compel, Motions for Attorney’s Fees, Motions in Limine, Notice of Removal and Motions to Remand), conduct discovery (Interrogatories, Requests for Production, Requests for Admissions, Deposition Summaries, Preparation for Depositions, and Motions to Compel Discovery) and prepare responses and objections to motions filed by the other-side, until the final settlement agreement, or pursue the matter via direct appeal.

If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of an attorney is required. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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