We miss our Neighborhood cat! (daly city)

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John Glenn Cir near Shipley

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We miss our Neighborhood cat!

A friendly Tomcat who had been living on our street for many years has been MISSING since late February, early March 2021. Have you seen him???

Posted are some snapshots that I took of the tomcat in late 2020.

This is a sweet, friendly, EXTREMELY laid-back adult male, white and grey tabby ‘tomcat’. He is tame, not feral. He has no collar or ID tag. His ear tip is clipped, so a neighbor or someone obviously had him neutered. He has no name, as far as I know.

This tomcat has made his cozy home on our street, John Glenn Circle, near Shipley Ave., Daly City, for many years. John Glenn Circle is 2 blocks from King Plaza Center, where Manila Market, Classic Bowl bowling alley and Tai Yuan Chinese restaurant are located. This is in the upper Serramonte area of Daly City, bordering Westborough, South San Francisco.

This cool tomcat normally sleeps and/or sunbathes all day on the driveways of several houses mid-block, uphill from Shipley Avenue. Various neighbors on this street kindly leave bowls of water for the cat to drink.

In late February or early March 2021 this neighborhood Tomcat suddenly disappeared. As of tonight April 13th, 2021, I have not seen him since then, and I am worried about his well being. It is not like him at all to go missing.

The tomcat looked in very good health the last time I saw him in mid February. He is not afraid of people. He’s always out in the open, he never hides, as he’s very casual with neighbors. He even talks to us! He only bundles up by trees and bushes when it is cold and during the night.

One neighbor on John Glenn Cir. recently mentioned that he last saw the cat on (a February Sunday) when an older, gentlemen whom he did not recognize “talk” to the tomcat, as if trying to lure the cat. This man could be a resident nearby, or he could have been a visitor to the neighborhood that day.

* IF YOU are that older gentlemen and you have the tomcat, please reply to me and confirm the cat is well and safe. If the tomcat is in good hands and keeping warm indoors, that would be good to know, especially since he’s getting into his senior years. I am sure the residents of John Glenn Circle who cared for him for years would want to know, too.

* IF YOU have seen this friendly tomcat and have any information, please contact me, as well.

You can contact me by e-mail. Thank you for reading this.

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