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***1968 Ford Mustang Convertible**289 cu in**Great & Original Cond.*** - $45000 (san bruno)


1968 Ford Mustang convertible

condition: excellent
fuel: gas
odometer: 70000
paint color: blue
title status: clean
transmission: automatic


I am finally selling my 1968 Ford Mustang convertible. It has a 289 cubic inch engine with an automatic transmission in excellent condition for it's age!

We are the first and only owners of the car! It was actually my father's but he passed a few years ago. And now with everything being screwed up with Corona Virus and everything, I am contemplating selling it.

So this is a great car for the honest fact that it has just been sitting around for most of it's life! It has been sitting since at least the early to mid 80's! Just sitting around! The reason is that it was once stolen from my dad at the local train station (BART) and ever after that, he just protected it from the shitheads who wanted to take it for a joyride! So my father would work in the city so he took public transportation but after that ordeal he just left it at home and Never drove it really again!

In fact, it has less than 77,000 miles on it, if I remember correctly. And it could even be way less than that. I would like to say 60 something thousand miles, but I wouldn't want to steer you wrong so I just said 77k miles. To be honest, I'm not sure.

We would every once in a while take it for a spin around the block or down to the gas station to put air in the tires but that was like once in a few years!!! Seriously, this car has just been laying around and sitting for the last 35 years!!! Since I'll say the mid 80's. In fact, it might even be later than that but I'm just saying that from memory!

So my father was the original owner! I believe that he had to buy it from the Ford dealership that went out of business in San Francisco around April 2011. I have no idea when they opened but I'm pretty sure that he bought it from them since Serramonte Ford didn't open until 1971.

Well we have changed absolutely nothing on the vehicle except for the stuff that was damaged in the theft of the car. It wasn't crashed or anything but they did steal stuff from it like the license plates and the radio! It has an 8 track radio in it now, but that I believe was not the original. It's not that big of a deal but I don't believe that it's an original, that's all. But it is an 8 track radio! And more likely the same exact radio, oem from Ford, but just not the original!

However, all the vin numbers do match. The engine and door panels and everything else matches! And I will give you the vin number when you actually do come and see the car! Not before, because maybe someone could steal something from that number. Who knows, but I don't want to take a chance!

So it is in really good condition. Whenever, I got a chance I would rub the leather with Armorall or other leather cleaners all over the leather seats and other parts like the door panels and dash. So they are the original seats but the convertible top could be replaced to look brand new. However, it's actually not that bad of condition for it's age. It will withhold rain for sure, but it doesn't look sharp for anybody who wants their car to look perfectly brand new! Hopefully you can tell from the bad pictures that I have uploaded.

But the interior is quite clean for it's age and it's all original!!

On top of that, it has just been sitting in a pretty dry location in California. It's currently up in the Sacramento area. Just sitting! I haven't driven it myself since about 2010! But I moved it back and forth in the driveway in 2018 but that's all the action that is has seen recently!! Really!

Well I am asking $45,000 but that is not set in stone. I could change my mind later. Because, I know that the convertibles that year were the one of the most coveted Mustangs for that year and the least produced! They were produced less than the fastbacks which were much less than the hardtops! And then 52 years later, they are an American antique! You won't find one like this again for a very long time that is in such decent shape and original quality!

However, there are things that need to be done on the vehicle. For instance, the brakes have deteriorated after all this time just sitting around! And I know that there are aftermarket disc brakes for this car that work like heaven compared to the old drum brakes that came original on the vehicle! Every fluid needs to be drained and flushed and then replaced. And one of the door handles need to be reattached. Or it could be the window handle. I forget. And maybe a new set of tires. The old ones look bad but it's just dust and cobwebs on them in the picture. But that's about it. The engine is in great condition because it has never really been driven! As well as the transmission! And differential and axles! The hub caps are in great shiny condition! And the car has every part that is supposed to be there even the original jack!

About me; well I have a family and I kind have no time for the car! Even though I love it deeply! Also, although I know what needs to be done, I don't have all of the tools and time to fix it up! So that's why I'd rather just let it go, so that it can have someone take care of it again! It has been on non operational with the DMV for some time now and I don't even know how easy it would be to pass smog. I do know that the smog regulations on older vehicles is way different than modern vehicles and a lot less stringent! I mean they use to run on lead!

Well anyways, I was searching around a lot for the prices of this Mustang and found that my price still might be a little below what it should be! So that's why I am saying that the price of $45,000 is a pretty accurate estimate right now. I need to do a lot of more research on it before I sell it! Just from the internet, the average price for a Ford Mustang Convertible 289 is somewhere between $28,000 to $33,000. And now being the original owner and barely driven! That's why I'm having a difficult time pricing it!

Well if you are interested and ready to come over and pick it up, then give me a call! Serious buyers only with cash in your hand! I have the pink slip in mine!

Also please don't send me any stuff asking if it is still for sale. It is! I will take down the ad immediately once it's gone!

Well thanks and I hope that you are ready to buy a piece of an American Classic!!!
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