Seek private bedroom In city of Sebastopol (Sebastopol)

Greetings neighbors,
My landlord is selling her house in Sebastopol, and I need to rent a room in Sebastopol ASAP. About me: I moved to Sebastopol 9 years ago, to be near my daughter, who grew up here full time with her mom. I’m a Native New Yorker, on disability, from a car accident (not my fault, I actually re-injured it during Covid), so my budget isn’t very large on a disability income right now, but it pays all my medical care! I don’t have a car now, and that’s why Sebastopol has turned out so great for me, because I have my primary care physician, dentist, therapist CVS, markets and gym, etc., all in one square mile! I’m self-sufficient and don’t require anyone’s help. I’m an artist and writer, and use the various coffee shops here in Sebastopol, to do a lot of my writing (I’m friends with the baristas, and may have met a lot of you, if you also frequent Sebastopol shops!) I’ve been fortunate to have all of these needs met in such a small town, in addition to the 24 Sebastopol shuttle, and I know all the drivers, but I try to walk most of the time now (I was on crutches and a cane last year, and still live with pain some days, but I’m back in the gym, working out, and walking everywhere in town again. I’m getting excellent medical care in San Francisco at UCSF, and my rides to any medical appointments (in and out of town) are provided by my insurance company, so that’s not a concern at all. I’m a good tenant, 100% clean drivers license, and no criminal record. I don’t drink or smoke cannabis, by choice, but I don’t have a problem with either or mind if you do. I’m a quiet tenant, who watches movies on my laptop, and listens to music with my headphones, and also listen to podcasts audiobooks, and reads, so other than talking on the phone, you may not even know I’m in my room, and don’t bring people over. I order anything heavy that I need to eat & drink (protein shakes, etc.,) delivered from Amazon or online.
My background has always been in the arts, I grew up in manhattan, and attended the high school of music & art, and parsons school of design, the new school for social research. I used to own a set design company, working for viacom in the entertainment industry, at MTV Studios in Times Square. It was fun and successful. It’s not easy to manage on a disability budget now, and discomfort, but I make it work, I’m strong, and it’s my nature to be upbeat and maintain a sense of humor. I’m a helpful person who cares deeply, and I know a bunch of people in Sebastopol at this point, and I am well liked by some business owners and residents here, and I have references from friends and professionals, who know me for many years. Also, I attended culinary school years ago, to become a chef, and a partner in a restaurant of manhattan’s east village, and no longer involved with that, but I do cook like a pro! I’m not allergic to any food, or pets. I used to volunteer in animal rescue, so I know a thing or two about cats and dogs, but don’t have any now.

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