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Firefighters required to sign non-disclosure agreement... (sonoma)

... ask yourself why! What is being HIDDEN from their new inner TRUTH while risking their lives based upon experiences.

they never had to sign a form stating they would not ever reveal truth b 4. Y now and who is doing this anti-constitutional dictum

However you who are hiding the truth already know that the non-disclosure agreement is NULL & VOID!

It is a violation of the First Amendment rights to free speech. WITHOUT FREE SPEECH FREEDOM IS OVER! freedom is dead.

What I do not like in addition to the violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is that NOT ONE LAWYER has posted to what I have stated. That shows me where lawyers are at as if I didn't know. And you the public seem to be disorganized ineffective rendering yourself para hopeless.

Side notes of importance:

PGE executive with the last name Johnson was quoted as saying when it comes to choosing between safety and convenience PGE always chooses safety. This referred to the massive removal of our electricity in order to save us from losing our electricity! How asinine!

The PGE CEO inferred that our electricity is a convenience! What an insult! It is a necessity. We know Johnson and the rest of the executives had power don't we?

In the meantime PGE threw a party at the most plush Social Club in Sonoma - the hunting club. What made the party so special was that it was arranged to be on the exact date of the initiation of the 2017 hell fires! The EXACT DATE! What do you think of that or do you think at all? Only honest answers accepted.

What do you call food that is imported from all over the world and known for its superiority the cost be damned? After all it is being paid for by the taxpayers you and I...
...Shrimp from South Africa almost as long as your hand. Oysters On the Half-Shell over ice. Filet mignon. Several different types of caviar including black Beluga which is over $2,000 per pound. The best champagnes from France and elsewhere with Oysters Rockefeller perfectly baked to make you swoon. The salads the desserts almost to die for as did more than 10,000 Californians on the same date as the party PGE sponsored.! Those connected with politics and PGE will always have electricity and will never be without because we know how things really work so the public has to work in order for us not to work - thank you very much.
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