Fast Paced Computer Savvy Ebay Poster Needed Part Time Santa Rosa Fun (santa rosa)

compensation: 18hr cash paid at the end of every shift / bump in pay when you establish how fast you are and can pump listings out
I have grown my ebay store and need someone to come and list items with me. I can train you on what I expect / want, but if you have some experience taking photos, organizing, listing on ebay that is all helpful. It will involve you working with me to post as many items as we can quickly as possible. Which means we find a similar listing for the item, establish a price we should sell for / or if it isn't worth posting and it gets redonated. Then we quickly write up an add take photos and make sure to notice any flaws etc and point them out in the post.

This is for someone that likes to work fast paced. Is ok with learning and has the ability to pick up new skills. Being able to type fast helps, having an iphone 12 or newer is mandatory or any other phone that can download the ebay app and be able to take nice photos.

You need to--

Must be able to pass a background check
Must be able to use a computer and have a smartphone that can download the eBay app.
Must be able to use a computer proficiently and be ready to learn.
Some experience with eBay helpful. Enjoying going to thrift stores and other stores and quickly picking through items to find valuable ones I can resell online is also fun for the right person. It is a skill in itself.

You'll be expected to--

Create new listings
Take photos of items
Price the items appropriately
Help with inventory
Help with organizing the inventory I already have listed

Perfect for someone in college who has extra hours that they want to do this work. The cool thing is it can be done essentially anytime once I trust you you can come and list items when I am not around and still make money.

Package and ship items etc.

Hours can be flexible around when you can come by and work for a few hours here and there. But someone that maybe has some time during the day between jobs or between picking the kids up is perfect. Thank you!

Please include info about yourself.

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