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Interviewer/Writer wanted for CEO interview

I am having a hard time getting a certain "successful" CEO (he got axed from his
most famous company) who is in San Franciso to return my emails, and I badly need to learn what lessons he learned from one of his "failed" startups, so I don't make the same mistake.

My own startup called WinWisely is a nonprofit do good new way to organize app, that has the potential of revolutionizing grassroots organizing . Specifically our startup aims to help solve the mother of all challenges today at this pivotal moment in our species and mother nature's history, when so many scientists believe this year might be our last chance to avoid going over the cliff. That "mother of all challenges" is this:

How can the progressive grassroots organizations of today recruit, commit, support and cleverly organize massively larger number of volunteers than we can right now, to do much bigger impact tasks than we are now doing, and ASAP--before it is too late to save democracy and mother nature as we know it.
And conversely, how can those 2-6 M Americans out there yearning for major change quickly find the right campaign to join, find their appreciated place in the movement.

The fact we are a nonprofit and not some outfit that could make millions is why I am guessing he doesn't want to bother getting back to us. So I need to hire a writer who's good at getting his/her foot in the door

Job Duty:
• To track down the CEO, get him to agree to a short interview for a book (I can give you the compelling commerical idea) or magazine publication (hopefully you have one or two who might be interested, or at least a publication track record to establish credibility)
• Get him to answer about 30min worth of questions including his cell if possible in case of a need for followup
• Send me the draft of all your notes, hopefully getting everything he said (or best of all, an mp3 of the interview, assuming he's ok with your recording.
• Writing up the article for publication with my help (I'd like to share the byline after your name)

Negotiable and can lead to more well paid future gigs. FYI, We've only raised $6k for our startup so far, all of which is gone, but feel confident (I've been a high donor fundraiseer for more than 30 years, and raised $1.5M during that time for PBS aired docs and other progressive causes ) our ship will come in soon. So I hope you won't expect much initially if you are impressed with the social justice & environmental value of what we are doing. (We can show you our demo and much else to prove we are onto something big.)
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