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Hi There Craigslist Community, I'm looking for a great academic writer / editor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited program (hey why not ask for what we want), who accomplished and has tutored others through quantitative dissertations, and is available for scheduled collaborative process that will include:

1. Being my cheerleading team and coach in the process.
2. Getting together on a regularly scheduled basis, maybe 1x/week (via Skype or in-person) for collaborative process and tutoring around a dissertation from its inception to its publication,
3. Research and writing on your part -- not writing the dissertation -- but helping me collect, narrow, and analyze data, and writing summaries of articles and your ideas. And helping me edit my work as we progress. You can send me info during the week between sessions, as you progress in your own research and thinking around it.
3. Helping me figure out how to make this as efficient and expeditious as possible. Please be good at quantitative research.

I will be actively working with my committee as well, and sharing updated info with you regarding their feedback and outcomes of my meetings with them to integrate throughout the duration of this project. I'm looking for a good writer because I need to write this well, and if you can't write well, you won't be able to tutor me. I want you to have your PhD in Clinical Psychology because the dissertation process is quite unique to that field. If you think you match my criteria through other experiences, please let me know and we'll see. In your response please send a sample of your writing and your resume or CV.

As far as fee goes -- what works for you? As a student I'll need something affordable. But of course you are here offering services because you need income too! I'd prefer a flat fee sort of structure because pay by hour can be nebulous. But, not sure how we could arrange that. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.
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