UC Berkeley English PhD for help with applications, editing, writing (berkeley)

My PhD is from UC Berkeley's English department. I now work at an NPO, so to supplement my income I help people with writing and editing. My academic specialties are linguistics, narratology, and composition, and I've won several teaching awards. As such, I usually assist with the following things:

- School applications. I can help you to plan, organize, or improve your materials, in terms of structure, rhetorical effectiveness, economy of writing, and content. Showing how qualified you are is only part of the story -- even an applicant with the highest grades and scores also needs to demonstrate a good fit with the school or program. At this time of year I'm seeing mostly applications for medical and dental programs, but I'm happy to help with almost anything.

- Academic editing. If your master's thesis, dissertation, or article is almost ready, I can ensure that there are no composition errors, make the writing more eloquent and natural, and offer suggestions regarding any weaknesses in organization or argument. Obviously I'm no expert in many fields, but I can still tell if information is presented clearly and effectively.

- Assisting with the composition and argumentation of humanities papers, project proposals, cover letters, and similar items. If you're struggling with your writing, I can help you organize your content and present it properly.

- Proofreading or editing pretty much anything for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and brevity. I'll fix errors, make sure your document reads well, and offer suggestions for improvement. (Also, most of the rules of grammar and punctuation are simple once someone actually explains them to you, so I'd be happy to do that as well if you like.)

What I will NOT do is write your graded academic assignments for you. I'll HELP you with a paper or assignment, but I'm not doing it for you.

My rates for individuals (not businesses) are usually $40 to $100 per hour, depending on what you need. All of my work is confidential.

(A few people have told me that replies through Craigslist always go into their spam folder. If you reach out to me but don't hear back, you might find my response in that folder.)

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