NEED A SPOT FOR ME AND MY SMALL TRAILER - $200 (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

condition: excellent
I have a really nice Coleman Utah/Fleetwood that I need to find a spot for so I can have a home.
Hi my name is Jason and I am 62yr old male. I'm very friendly well mannered polite considerate and quiet. I mined my own business and nobody else's I have no pets but I love animals and I am single. I am disabled temporarily but they say I'll be like a new man after I have a double hip replacement. In the meantime I use a walker and an electric scooter and my car to get around. I get my Social security starting in two weeks plus I have a small side gig of buying used tools hand and gas and restoring, fixing, cleaning them and reselling them for some extra cash. In 2021 I became one of the many homeless individuals after loosing both my small businesses and then my home due to the pandemic and lockdowns and have been living in my car for the past 2 1/2 almost three years in a situation that I didn't see coming and wasn't prepared for. Going from being very comfortable and having everything I needed and a nice house to having nothing and every day is a stressful struggle just to survive has been to say the least A very humbling experience. But I never lost faith nowing it has to get better. It is getting better slowly but surely after almost 3 yrs of being denied I finally got my social security and just a week ago this awesome couple blessed me with this beautiful trailer that they were selling for $4000 but after texting them and telling them about my story and situation I'm in called me a asked me to come to there home because they wanted to meet me. Not knowing what to expect I went to there home and met the two nicest people in the world. After talking they asked me if I wanted the trailer which I didn't have the money for. But he handed me the keys and said we want you to have the trailer. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. Make a long story short I called a friend that could tow it for me and drove off with a home what a blessing!! Now I just need somewhere to put it that's why I'm posting this add.

If you have a spot or know someone that could help me please contact me I would very much appreciate it.


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