Seniors Helping Seniors Volunteers Wanted today. (oakland lake merritt / grand)

Seniors Helping Seniors Volunteers Wanted today. 1 thumbnailSeniors Helping Seniors Volunteers Wanted today. 2 thumbnailSeniors Helping Seniors Volunteers Wanted today. 3 thumbnailSeniors Helping Seniors Volunteers Wanted today. 4 thumbnail
3121 Fruitvale ave

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Volunteering is a great way for older adults to stay active, socialize and connect with the community.

Helping others may give you a sense of purpose and meaning, helps you establish a routine, and reminds you that you are a valued member of society.

If you are interested in volunteering contact us today.

About Us:

Elder Ashram is an assisted living community located in the Dimond District of Oakland CA.

We are an Eldercare community that values spiritual learning to deepen our lives, to stay connected to our humanity, and our spirit.

Elders teach us that we can look at life backwards. Rather than thinking that we only need to be successful materially, we are learning from our elders that success is also a psychological and spiritual journey. We learn patience, presence, relating, we learn that being with is as important as doing to. We learn that taking time to relate to others builds community and makes us feel better. We become more content. Feel more at peace. So much of the research today reveals that the way we are socially connected to others, how much of a community surrounds us, determines our physical and psychological, even our spiritual health.

Why is this ashram model important? Without valuing what so many elders stand for: slowness, deliberateness, equanimity, relatedness, presence, care, and love, many of us will continue to be harried, ungrounded, deeply unsatisfied people searching for meaning and peace. And we will surely not survive this experiment in human consciousness as our adult values of material strive which places achievement in power, status and money above the elder values of connectedness and spirit, is simply not sustainable for us and planet.

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