$1,125 / 1br - Master Bedroom (Pittsburg)

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A full master bedroom, small walking closet, private bathroom, a 9-ft mirror closet. Rent each month is roughly $1,125 it changes with water and trash every month. Wi-Fi is a separate charge. Wi-Fi is a set $70 a month but split among all tenants, you get 1,200 GB Unlimited Wi-Fi. Dogs and cats are allowed. Drinking is also allowed no smoking inside you want to smoke, please smoke outside. There is a very large backyard that needs some serious weeding. It's in a relatively safe neighborhood, and everyone's pretty much keeps themselves. PG&E changes from month to month, so there's no set amount or rough estimate I can give you, but it's anywhere between $250 to $500 every month. It just depends on the total usage and the number of occupants. PG&E is split evenly amongst everyone. Looking for a single individuals or couples either one it does not matter. The current residence of the house including me pretty much keeping themselves 90 to 100% of the time. It's usually a very quiet house you can do whatever you want and people will never judge you if you have guests or we'll have guests please give the tenants of 24-hour notice if they'll be spending the night and please keep it to a maximum four people if you do want to throw a party you have to give everyone in the house a minimum of a week's notice and everything you get is paid for yourself or amongst your guests, the house will not be required to pay for anything for the party but if they want to contribute they are very welcome to just ask nicely.

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