FS/FT Total Recall, Neuron Eurorack synthesizer modules - $190 (oakland hills / mills)

FS/FT Total Recall, Neuron Eurorack synthesizer modules 1 thumbnailFS/FT Total Recall, Neuron Eurorack synthesizer modules 2 thumbnailFS/FT Total Recall, Neuron Eurorack synthesizer modules 3 thumbnail
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Endorphin.es
model name / number: Total Recall

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Endorphin.es Total Recall: $140 *[price drop — lowest price anywhere!]

Nonlinear Circuits Neuron / Difference Rectifier: $50


Endorphin.es Total Recall (black)

Cosmetic condition: 9/10 — near mint
Operational condition: 9/10 — mint

From Endorphin.es:
3 channel preset manager / multistage and macro controller
Total Recall — the 6 HP module designed to ease up transitions in live sets by controlling 3 CVs at once – just by the use of one soulful hand. Intuitive to set up the desired voltages to control anything in your modular system that accepts CV (either unipolar 0-5V or bipolar -5-+5V). The preset manager/multistage CV controller rocks a macro feature no one would ever want to miss in future live performances.


Nonlinear Circuits Neuron / Difference Rectifier (Clarke panel, 8 HP)

From Nonlinearcircuits:
The Neuron was inspired by a paper on neural computing and is a variation of a typical analogue neuron circuit. It can be used as a complex audio waveshaper, gate or pulse generator, CV shaper or to generally mess things up. The diff-rect is a hybrid of two basic op amp ‘building blocks’ – a difference circuit and a rectifier. Not sure if I have ever seen the two merged together before. It is probably a bad idea except for synth use, where it is a wonderful idea!

The Difference Rectifier has 4 inputs (two + & two -) and two outputs. The Neuron has 3 inputs and one output, the pots control when the neuron will react to incoming signals and how much it will react.


Other trade ideas will be considered, but here are the ones I'm interested in the most at the moment.

In all cases, I am looking for a trade for an item in comparable condition to these modules, with remuneration to one of the two parties as per negotiation and in reference to current market values.

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Vult Caudal
Befaco Pony VCO 1U
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OTO Bam reverb
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