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Hello, my name is Kathleen, and I am a Mandarin-Chinese tutor.

I have over 18 years of experience learning, studying, and teaching Mandarin. I have a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Anthropology. I also have an MSc in International Development in the UK. I am a Ph.D. student and teach Chinese at the university. I have lived, worked, and studied throughout China, Taiwan, Mongolia, and Central Asia. I have worked as a Chinese language tutor and a conversational Chinese teacher for over three years. I have advanced English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, and Mongolian proficiency. I also have working proficiency in Spanish. I speak standard Mandarin and Northeastern Mandarin.

I love to engage students with fun and interactive language lessons filled with cultural immersion and knowledge. My studies and research in anthropology taught me the importance of interacting with culture and philosophy while learning a foreign language.

As a non-native speaker of Chinese, I understand what my students are going through as they learn and progress in Chinese. Through my 18+ years of studying Chinese, I have become very familiar with how to unpack the Chinese language clearly and concisely and the cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies of the language.

For lessons:
- Incorporate Chinese cultural topics into all of the lessons.
- Can teach in both simplified and/or traditional Chinese characters.
- Cater all lessons to the student's level, needs, and interests.
- Self-design lesson plans for each student.
- Incorporate fun games, arts and crafts projects, and materials to make the learning process fun.
- Conversational Chinese speaking practice.
- Chinese language and culture immersion.
- Incorporate extensive reading using graded readers into lessons and assignments.
- Discuss the benefits of learning Chinese.
- Prepare students for living and working in China/Taiwan.
- HSK/TOCFL/AP Chinese test preparation.
- Survival Chinese (giving directions, asking for help, writing emails....etc.)
- Learn Idioms and colloquial phrases.
- Make sure the students are having fun and enjoying the process of learning this beautiful language.

I have also created a fun system for learning Chinese characters through radicals (the building blocks of a character) that I will incorporate into the lessons.

In summary:
Tutoring fee: $55/ hour
3+ years of tutoring experience
18+ years of Chinese language study/work experience

I also tutor in writing, Russian language, and Anthropology.

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