I offer over 20 years of experience of helping to place students in schools over the country, covering the full spectrum of academia. I DO NOT PROMOTE OR ENGAGE IN ACADEMIC FRAUD. "Desperate Housewives" looking to buy admission must look elsewhere.

Some help is available through internet resources, peer-review guides and the various guidebooks. Those can all be helpful. But you'll do much better, gain more confidence and lose less sleep by working with a local counselor who knows the issues involved. I keep finding out that recent college graduate hire out for this, collect fees and generate undue angst.

I also offer familiarity with a broad spectrum of colleges throughout California and the U.S. Some of the issues with which I can be helpful include:

-Which schools should I apply to?
-What should my course selection be to match my career path?
-What if I decide to change my major after a year or two?
-What kind of social life do I want in college?

Within my service I offer:
-Editorial support and counsel for your Statement of Purpose (SOP) or admissions essay. I furnish a template for getting started, if you're really stuck.
-Special counsel for balancing sports and academics, including helping a prospective college athlete determine whether Division a I, II or III school is the best match for his/her abilities and skills.
-Special counsel for musicians and dancers.

My background includes:
-B.A. w/ Honors & Distinction from Rhodes College.
-M.A. from the University of Michigan.
-Many years as a professional writer and editor.
-College athletics in basketball and track.
-Experience in dance and music.
-Many years in swimming as a competitor, stroke coach, vendor and consultant.
-Many success stories.

I also save you money! My fees are much less than similar services offered by Kaplan and Princeton review. Once we start, you can call me up anytime and not be stuck with an extra fee.

2 meetings gets a student on track, and then I can be available as needed for helping to upload applications or refining an essay for a particular school.
If you went to Stanley Kaplan, and they left you disappointed after taking a lot of money from you, I can help. Their disappointed former clients often come to me for the fix. My rates are lower and my service is more prompt.

H. Scott Prosterman
(510) 395-2856

For more insight into the process, give me a call or send an e-mail with your phone number.

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