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I have a variety of California native plants that I need to sell as I'm moving and can't take most of them with me.

Most are starters in 1 gallon containers that I've grown from hand collecting seeds last summer and propagating them through winter. A few are more mature plants I started in 5 gallon containers a few years ago.

Most of these plants are patio friendly, only a couple should be planted directly into the ground. If kept in pots, they will need more regular watering as they cannot send their roots down deep to access additional water. If planted directly in soil, they only need water once or twice a week depending on weather conditions to help get established - once the winter rains arrive, they should be able to access all the water they need. CA native plants are great if you're concerned about conserving water as they're naturally adapted to and thrive in our weather patterns.

All of these need at least part sun, full sun is usually preferred for best growth.

The plants available are:

Sticky Monkey Flowers: 15 starters and 2 more mature plants
Info here: https://calscape.org/Mimulus-aurantiacus-var.-pubescens-(Sticky-Monkeyflower)

Grizzly Bear Grass: 17 starters
Info here: https://calscape.org/Xerophyllum-tenax-(Beargrass)

California Melic Grass: 2 starters
Info here: https://calscape.org/Melica-californica-(California-Melicgrass)

Black Sage: 1 more mature plants
Info here: https://calscape.org/Salvia-mellifera-(Black-Sage)

California Buckwheat: 1 more mature plants
Info here: https://calscape.org/Eriogonum-fasciculatum-(California-Buckwheat)

California Wild Rose: 1 more mature plant
Info here: https://calscape.org/Rosa-californica-(California-Wildrose)

Coffeeberry: 1 more mature plant
Info here: https://calscape.org/Frangula-californica-(Coffeeberry)

California Yerba Santa: 1 more mature plants
Info here: https://calscape.org/Eriodictyon-californicum-(California-Yerba-Santa)

Sunset Manzanita: 1 starter
Info here: https://calscape.org/Arctostaphylos-'Sunset'-(Sunset-Manzanita)

Smaller starters are available from $5-10 and the more mature plants $15-25.

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