Experienced SEO consultant - thank you for your interest.

I have been a developer for over 20 years and a search / SEO consultant for well over half of that. During this time, I have helped enterprise giants attain top rankings for (highly competitive) seasonal campaigns, I have lead startups to break into / upset highly competitive, established markets and of course I have helped countless small businesses turn the internet into a bountiful source of new customers. This is a highly important distinction - new customers not just traffic or site visitors!!

I love getting my clients to the top of their Google search rankings but at the same time, I understand that while traffic may be the yardstick of SEO consultants - NEW CUSTOMERS are the yardstick of online business!

What does 'experienced' SEO consultant mean?

  • I've already learned what works and what doesn't = no guessing = no wasted cycles = ROI!
  • I know how to get your site to the top of google search for even the toughest keywords.
  • I listen to your business goals and build your SEO strategy with you (not for you).
  • I don't make promises I can't keep because I know what promises I CAN make.
  • I put my money where my mouth is - once your campaign is underway, 50% of my monthly fee is always contingent on results!

So what does 'money where your mouth is' really mean?

Once we have gotten your setup / phase 1 work done - and you can clearly see the effect my work is having on your bottom line - we will meet each month and establish clear goals for the upcoming month. The rest is easy: if we do not meet the goals = 50% off the cost of that month!

Why tie my monthly fee directly to results? There is just no better way to show that I have 'skin in the game' - and that I will put in 100% effort every single month.

With this, it is important that I state clearly that this is not a 'bargain' destination - in fact, you can definitely find consultants here on CL that will quote you a lower rate... and if this is what you are looking for, you should seek them out - because this is not what I do.

In place of trying to provide less for a bargain price, simply put: I deliver SEO results - and I deliver them every month. It is exactly for this reason that my clients are always happy to pay my fee - as this means that they are seeing at least the growth, traffic and conversions that I outlined for them the month before.

So, the process goes like this:
  • We briefly discuss your goals and business in general and review any existing online presence that you have currently.
  • I analyze your site / presence in detail.
  • I will talk again with you - this time going into more detail about your stated goals, discoveries from my analysis, etc. and we will go on to then carve out initial search targets (keywords /key phrases), a timeline and a campaign strategy & pricing structure that works for your budget.

    For those who are not familiar with SEO - standard campaigns require (at least) a two phased approach:
    • Phase 1: Campaign setup & web presence 'foundation' building.
    • Phase 2: Ongoing (monthly) search rank / web presence improvement.
  • Once we have gotten your phase 1 work done and phase 2 is underway, we will review term targets & ranking every two weeks and overall campaign progress at the beginning of each month. It is at this time that we will set the goals (targets) for the upcoming month - and that you will be able to see the effect my work has had on your bottom line for the previous month!

Contact me to review your site or talk about your project - I'm sure I can get you where you need to be...

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