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PHP Lead Developer / Platform Architect

I've developed well over 300 PHP platforms, apps and websites.

The majority of these assignments were either architect-level projects (meaning from-scratch, ground-up concepts or dramatically altering that which had been built on a shaky foundation) or enterprise overhauls / integrations (specialize in being able to understand & improve extremely complex ecosystems).

I am intimately familiar with many different PHP-driven architectures, frameworks and approaches and have concepted, designed and built countless personal sites as well as many full-blown enterprise platforms.

I've worked extensively with complex OOP, Procedural as well as MVC PHP (Laraval, Symfony, Zend, Yii, Codeignighter, etc.) & have DBA level knowledge of SQL (specifically MSSQL clusters, Enterprise PostGRE & just about every size and shape MySQL installation). I also have tons of experience with most JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, Angular, Node, Ember, React, Vue, Meteor, etc) on the market and have always worked with (and loved) JavaScript as a language since ~1999. I have 10+ years of Python experience including Big Data, AI, ML, etc. As far as CSS & HTML(5), I have basically been working with these since their inception...

I have 20+ years of experience and have earned the trust of clients like A O L, McAfee, Verizon, Demon UK, HP, etc.

I have also designed and developed MANY custom WordPress and Joomla installs (as well as many other CMS). I actively consult with several ongoing clients (3+ years) who rely on largely re-written WP, Joomla and Drupal engines- to help them optimize and restructure on an ongoing basis in order to get the most out of their technology stack.

Contact me about your project - we can quickly figure out what is involved/required and get your project underway (references always readily available).
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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