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from San Francisco Business Times, April 8, 2002
by Jim Gardner, Steve Ginsberg
Banner ads on Craigslist? Say it ain't so, Craig!

OK, it ain't so. But it sure seemed to be this week as the hugely popular online community site announced it would -- gasp -- begin accepting advertising.

If that doesn't rock your world, then you don't know Craig. Craig Newmark's eponymous community site has achieved cult status among devotees -- while at the same time resolutely foreswearing innumerable offers of advertising, buyouts, sponsorships, "partnerings," and other lucrative dot-com blandishments.

There was predictable screeching of betrayal from the faithful when an elaborate site, complete with mock-ups and price lists, went up promoting "The Power of Craigslist" to advertisers on Monday. (Our favorite spot was for new caffeinated cigarettes: "Lengthen Your Day. Shorten Your Life.")

From such clues -- and the calendar -- did it slowly emerge that this was all an April Fool's spoof.

Not everyone wanted to get the joke. Craigslist said it was contacted by 17 prospective advertisers, eagerly hailing its decision to finally get down and dirty.