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from JANE Magazine, November 2002

Blind Date
Moderated by Annemarie Conte

Jason lost Laura across a crowded room. We found her for him.

Laura: A little over a month ago, I went to see this Icelandic band, Mum, play a score to an old Russian movie, Battleship Potemkin. Before it started, this guy came up to me.

Jason: I noticed Laura. She looked like she was pretty interested in the show, but she didn't look like someone who would be unfriendly. It was one of the few nights I actually said hi to the person I thought was cute.

Laura: Then the movie was starting, so I was like, "I'm going to sit down and watch the show."

Jason: A week later, I was having trouble getting her out of my mind.


Jason: I put a "missed connections" ad on the Web site Craig's List because I hoped that perhaps she had lost me in the crowd, too.

Laura: I hadn't been thinking about him.

Jason: I was very surprised when Jane magazine e-mailed me to say they'd seen my ad, and their "Bjork-esque" intern, Laura, was the girl I was looking for.


Laura: There were rose petals everywhere at the lounge he picked for us to meet at - on the stairs, the tabletops. I'm used to cheap bars with cheap drinks. I'm not usually so classy.

Jason: I ordered a Steve McQueen, followed up by a Topaz Teardrop. They're cocktails.

Laura: I had a French Whore, served in a champagne glass.

Jason: She had two of those.

Laura: He paid, which made me feel guilty. I offered, but he insisted.

Jason: She's got very capturing eyes and a shaggy haircut. Intriguing. She was wearing a black sleeveless top and pants.

Laura: I can't remember what he was wearing.

Jason: We actually talked a lot about the rash of video game addiction that has been striking people lately.

Laura: I've never had an obsession with them, except Twisted Metal.

Jason: I am a slightly recovering game addict. In any event, we walked to a burlesque show I'd heard about.

Laura: He had come up with some suggestions, and he paid to get in. I'm new to the city, so I'm glad he'd thought of something to do.

Jason: A man was doing a comedy act, which was quite good.

Laura: They had a hula-hooper who was stripping, but not totally. She could do, like, 20 at once. I used to hula-hoop when I was little, but I can only do one at a time and not while taking off my clothing.

Jason: The dancers were exceptionally funny.


Laura: I accidentally yawned in front of him. I hadn't slept much the night before.

Jason: It seemed like Laura was getting pretty tired, and I suggested that if she was tired, we could definitely call it a night.

Laura: He walked me back to my apartment. And he mentioned that he didn't want me to think he was crazy for posting that thing.

Jason: I'm an exceptionally shy person, but I just realized that I'm letting a lot of great possibilities pass me by. She's amazingly easy to talk to. Captivating. I could've stayed there and forgotten completely what was going on. Which is rare with most people I meet. I'd like to see her again under more relaxing circumstances if that's what she'd like.

Laura: It was very comfortable. He's very sweet, but I'm not really that interested.

Jason: It ended with a handshake.

Laura: We just waved goodbye.


Jason Anderson, 28
Professor/architect/video game designer
From: San Francisco
Lives: New York
"I usually date people who approach me."

Laura Craft, 22
Jane art department intern
From: Mississippi
Lives: New York
"People post things about me online all the time [laughs]."

Jason on Laura/Laura on Jason

savviness 7/6
cheekbones 9/6
confidence 7/7
sincerity 9/9
caring 7/9
posture 8/7
class 7*/6
overall 8.5/6

*"Any higher would be negative."