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why don't you join the police department and fix the problem Thank You

History: Water Propaganda LA Times April 2009: Californians Face Water

Dianne Feinstein a lady Corrupt Liar Dianne Feinstein

ROMLMFAO (emeryville) (Pound what?) pic

Thank You

Boycott 2015 Travel to Japan : The Cove Move (San Francisco)


Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a Modern Day Quisling (Rightwing America) map

Save the whales, boycott Japanese restaurants and products

You're so right Carson, there is a big difference

So is Democrat mob boss Leyland Yee still a Dem. Party darling? (Can you say rotten corrupt Democrats?!)

And one more "little" thing


Maiti Nepal- Help end human/child trafficking (Nepal/India) (downtown / civic / van ness) pic

California court supports slaughter of whales by Japanese

There you go again

re What does GOP actually mean? I'm not sure what type of mental illne

Re: Thank You CIA map

re What does GOP actually mean? I'm not sure what type of mental illne

Thank you, CIA

Dear Aliens, (Planet Earth) pic map

The Odd Pod Hour on Podbean.com Hilarious Points of View (nob hill) pic map

Corrupt Liar Dianne Feinstein

re What does GOP actually mean?

Thanks President Obama

Mental Ill Murdered by police

re: Why Are Asians so underrepresented in the Democratic Party

re:An Asian who made the grade (berkeley) (Good grades & Still invisible to Demos)

Why Are Asians so underrepresented in the Democratic Party


The Environment in the 21st Century

No charges for Richmond cop who took home pot

Disabled and homeless, Tai Lam, 67, was beaten to death.

Where's that nasty Democrat B Carol 'bumper car' Migden? (Represented SF but lived in Berkeley!)

Mexicans & Other Illegals Everywhere! Kiss CA Goodbye..

Wilber, I don't care if a purple pumpkin is running the CIA

Netanyahu Gets 'Bum Rap' on Settlements

re:The same postings, over and over again

Help me raise money to stop the Pipelines! pic map

The same postings, over and over again

All the while being held captive to the SF diversity fascists: (Progressives are totalitarian socialists)

Jail For The Masked Commie & Anarchist Riot Looter Punks..

Didn't Demented Queer Leno Try To Legalize Sex With Boys?

The force behind the assassinations of leaders of blacks and the poor

The biggest drug pusher among our military at war

The largest drug cartel in the world

3 Arrested For Mugging A Dying Woman (Obama's son ?) pic

Ramifications of a new Palestinian State

OMG MuslimKing is a racist .. I thought only Whites were (Maybe voting for him was a mistake)

The road to darkness

Today 2014 American Puppets of Dying Planet

RE: Support For Feinstein map

The real danger to a free America

National Mind Control Program

Indeed, he has it.

Corrupt Liar Dianne Feinstein (mission district) map

The puppet continues to perform

Actually, New World Order hides easily among the elite

Read all the postings around here.....then read this


American Taliban pic map

re: Let's hope there aren't very many idiots

Ouch! Stop, please stop!

The Best Answers & Most Powerful Insights & Statements. Awaken. (Max Igan )

The straw man is dead

What Do Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano & Berkeley Have In Common map

CNN: Berkeley Students Launch REVOLUTION (post removed by RICHARD GIBSON, STALKER)

- PELOSI'S BREEDERS: babies for gringo welfare program (post removed by RICHARD HILARY GIBSON)

Go Protest In Front Of Un-American Feinstein map

How A Democrat Leader Explains His Family's Criminal Past

BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER: HERES WHY... (castro / upper market)


Policy of Berkeley and his ilk!!!! (richmond / seacliff)

RE1: It keeps being said the economy has always done better under D th (west portal / forest hill)

Good. We can stop worrying about all the babies being born

A colossal threat to human existence

Going, going.......gone

Do you want me?

re:The cat comes out of the bag (berkeley) (Village Idiot goes for the catnip )

Racism (alamo square / nopa) map

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