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basic college mathematics cabrillo college book (aptos) pic [xundo]

$40 Intermediate Algebra Cabrillo Textbook (Math 142) $40 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$40 New solar book $40 (watsonville) pic [xundo]

Cabrillo books (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$30 Beatles Book: Here, there and everywhere. $30 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$50 Hooked on Phonics Master Reader Set with CDs $50 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$5 Seasonal Disorder Ranger Tales from Glacier National Park $5 (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$2 Assorted Cookbooks $2 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$4 PAULA DEEN & FRIENDS HARDCOVER COOKBOOK $4 (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$3 My Life As A Red Furry Monster $3 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$30 Math U See Primer -complete set, like new $30 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$35 Math-U-See Gamma Complete Set $35 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$35 Math-U-See Beta, Complete Set $35 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$35 Math-U-See Alpha Complete Set $35 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$2 Miscellaneous Books $2 (Scotts Valley) [xundo]

$4 LIFE BOOK - "LAST LETTERS HOME" $4 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$26 The Adventures of Jack and Rugby Four Book Set $26 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$8 Dear Juliette: Letters of May Sarton $8 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$5 Nora Roberts' "Key" Trilogy $5 (Felton) pic [xundo]

Books & Magazines, Weight Loss, Items For Sale (Ben Lomond) pic map [xundo]

$15 Chinese Medicine Text Books $15 (soquel) pic map [xundo]

Antique Books (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

Nancy Drew & Bobbsey Twins Mystery Books (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

Cook & Garden + Books (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

25 years of Rolling Stone Magazine (scotts valley) [xundo]

$30 Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)Version V $30 (santa cruz) map [xundo]

$50 Intermediate Algebra for College Students $50 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$10 MAZDA REPAIR MANUAL $10 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$25 environmental health fourth edition $25 (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$15 Making Love Work Program To Create Ideal Relationship $15 (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$40 Cabrillo College Books $40 (soquel) pic [xundo]

$15 Intro to oceanography $15 (capitola) pic [xundo]

$15 Assorted Manga $15 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$19 SACRED GEOMETRY ORACLE CARDS $19 (boulder creek) pic map [xundo]

$19 Tarot Cards LGBT 'The Cosmic Tribe' Tarot $19 (boulder creek) pic map [xundo]

$50 COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS-tons!!! $50 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$1 High school textbooks $1 (scotts valley) map [xundo]

$3 Hard Cover Books J.D. Robb $3 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$4 Great CAT Related Books and Encyclopedia $4 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$5 The basic writings of Sigmund Freud by Dr Brill $5 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$10 Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, Outliers, Tipping Point, What the Dog Saw $10 (aptos) [xundo]

$3 Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype $3 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$4 True Portraits of Dogs, if only you knew how much I smell you $4 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$5 Nutrition Advisor, ultimate guide to health boosting and health harming factors $5 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$4 Essentials of Economics by N, Gregory Mankiw $4 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$3 Business Law by Barron's 5 th Edition $3 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$4 Biology, biochemistry, physiology, cytology, microbiology books $4 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$100 Louis Lamour paper backs $100 (aptos) map [xundo]

$30 The Old West Edition - Time Life - 6 books - Extremely Good Condition $30 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$20 The American Promise, Volume I: To 1877 - Cabrillo History Class $20 (scotts valley) pic [xundo]

$15 Workbook Cinephile: Intermediate French Language & Culture through Fil $15 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$40 Cinephile: Intermediate French Language & Culture through Film Book $40 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$20 The Cosmic Perspective: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology 4th Ed. w/CD $20 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$70 Understanding Nutrition 13e by Whitney / Rolfes CAHM Class $70 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$70 Machine Tool Practices $70 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$3 American Profile Cookbook $3 (Felton) pic [xundo]

$3 Hershey's 1934 Cookbook $3 (scotts valley) [xundo]

$3 Mexican Cookbooks (2) $3 (Felton) pic [xundo]

American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar [Paperback] $20 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$75 85 Home Decorator & Craft Books-New & Nearly New $75 (aptos) pic [xundo]

$25 Complete Novels of Jane Austen $25 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

$40 Discovering psychology $40 (watsonville) pic map [xundo]

$10 GM REPAIR MANUAL $10 (scotts valley) map [xundo]

$15 Cabrillo Textbooks - Sociology and Criminal Justice courses $15 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$40 C'APN ERI / 100 YEARS OLD - $40 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 PECK'S BAD BOY ABROAD $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 THE PRIMER / READING BOOK $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 COMPTON'S PICTURED ENCYCLOPIDA $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 THE ODYSSEY / OLD GORIOT $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 DICTIONARY OF PAINTING $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 LATIN II $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 UNKNOWN LEONARDO $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 dramtic bibliograpy / BOOK ON DRAMA $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

Nursing Text Books (santa cruz) [xundo]

$5 Nicholas Sparks - Rodanthe $5 (south bay) [xundo]

$5 The Cook's Encyclopedia Of Italian Cooking $5 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$10 Body For Life $10 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$275 ACE Personal Trainer Study Manual $275 (watsonville) map [xundo]

$5 1992 Sports Illustrated "Golden Winter Olympic Moments" Magazine $5 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

$500 Becker CPA review (Books/ Flash cards) $500 (santa cruz) [xundo]

$15 The Sisters Grimm Set of 6 books $15 (aptos) pic [xundo]

Comic books (soledad) pic [xundo]

$15 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology Fourth Edition $15 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$65 Intermediate Algebra Second Custom Edition for Cabrillo College $65 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

Cabrillo College Textbooks (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$30 The Writer's Presence $30 (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

Chemistry Textbooks for Cabrillo College (santa cruz) pic [xundo]

$20 4 Cabrillo Textbooks!! $20 (watsonville) pic [xundo]

$10 Antique Books, Maps, Newspapers, Magazines & Art $10 (santa cruz) pic map [xundo]

Books & Magazines, Items For Sale (Ben Lomond) pic map [xundo]

$1 "Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed" Books $1 (santa cruz) map [xundo]

$7 The Wal-Mart Effect / The Walmart Effect by Charles Fishman $7 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$30 Elementary Algebra for College Students Early Graphing Third Edition $30 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$7 End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman $7 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$7 Legacy by Ekua Omosupe $7 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$8 Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron $8 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$10 Making Globalization Work by Joseph E Stiglitz $10 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$10 A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey $10 (aptos) pic map [xundo]

$5 Human anatomy flashcards $5 (capitola) pic [xundo]

$5 Watercolor Painting Book $5 (scotts valley) pic map [xundo]

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