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Shall we kill the earth faster, or slower?


Keystone Pipeline

The Koch Cheer: Let's kill the earth, to Hell with our kids!

Did Barbara Boxer Take A Bribe??? map

What has happened to Canada?

Waste Management (and recycling ) map

Rush Limbaugh did not actually apologize to Sandra Fluke (berkeley)

AUDIO(10MIN)=>GOP - ALL ABOUT IT'S "MASSIVE" DARK $$$ CO-OPTING MEDIA (oakland piedmont / montclair) pic

Gruber Was Right: Pelosi Re-Elected Minority Leader map

FEMAN narcissistic and destructive spiteful King Obama..the snake. (Stupid goes Postal) pic

National Drinking Water Program Safe Drinking Water Hotline(Drinking ((Drinking Toilet Water)) map

Military waste and fraud: $172 billion per year (berkeley)

3Is it 'Christian' to RESIST EVIL with GUNS & SWORDS?

Still waiting

Mystery of dumb Republicans solved!

They're not just shooting the elephants anymore

They never had a chance

A dying planet

ThiJewHate Christerin Stands Against Butchery in Jerusalem Synagogue ( hideous obscenity and savage crime against God, )

the offer was a bluff and now I see True Republusgh Colours ($8000 promise) map

Enjoy the Cold Weather...


RE: Read about Jim Buckmaster (berkeley) pic

News Report 2015

Freedom isn't free! Join FEMEN and fight patriarchy! pic map

Why do you feel about police?

RE:re Negro with Ebola dies in Nebraska - (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

ENENews.com - Energy News

RE2:re Negro with Ebola dies in Nebraska (You Just Can't Control Yours

Finally! FB alternative social media for FB refugees

Some Real Info about "Budget" (financial district) map

Veterins Now Have new Technologys

CL STALKER says he can't be stopped! (RICHARD HILARY GIBSON, Esq)

Justice Department Defends US Marshals' Airborne Cell Tower Spoofers; pic

PELOSI'S BREEDERS: babies for welfare program map

Negro with Ebola dies in Nebraska map

THE DEMOCRAT PARTY: 71% of jobs go to foreigners (the AMNESTY HOAX) map

A Pictuer It Is Worth a Milonn Dollar$ pic

Migrant Children in San Jose (san jose downtown)

Secret Memo for Genocidal President

FBI Documents Reveal Secret Nationwide Occupy Monitoring (Nationwide? Hey!) pic map

ISPs removing their customers' email encryption map

DEAR CL ADMIN, THREATENING POST STILL continue! Please DEALwith it! (m map

Happy Thinksgiven & Merrie Xmas!

SF Tax Wall Street Party-Join us! pic map

Do you want to change the world? � Brave New Films map

"Secret Coded Message in a Movie, "S. NOW (NWO)." (Hidden Messages in Some Movies.)

Name Decoded is Really the Secret Society(s)'s Code (USA & World Controlled by Them)

Secrets Exposed and Revealed!!! (Most People Don't Know.)

For those of you who think Nationwide isn't playing with a full deck (berkeley)

Well, all I can say is congratulations

2re:Wealth Redistribution Fallacy

re:Wealth Redistribution Fallacy (berkeley)

Is Thesse RANT andRAVE? Sorry.Iam LEGAL blind map

12 New cel towers in Aptos supervisors do nothing more to follow (aptos)

RE:Dear Aliens - Knock Off Your Mndless Spam and Shut Up! (Yes, We Are FEMAN!)

I'm torn between admiring your work ethic, and feeling sorry for you (את המילה ש&#) pic map

Why Lyft screws its DriverS! (financial district) pic map

re;WARNING- MANTECA SHIT-a-thon (berkeley)

RE You really are amazing So many parts you play in this Craigslist pic

You really are amazing

Dear Aliens, (Planet Earth) pic map

Fukushima Update 2014 News ( San Francisco )

A great waltz by the Eagles (berkeley)

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