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Sep 17 re: Pizza Prices (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)


Sep 17 Barbara Lee is a racist

28 Sep 17 Re: Hot Or Not? 28 (emeryville)

26 Sep 17 What About This? 26 (oakland rockridge / claremont)

Sep 17 Hey Airmail and D.Alexander (berkeley) pic

Sep 17 ~ How do these Russian Idiot's get a DRIVERS LICENSE?~

Sep 17 A Quote From The Late John Lennon ("R") pic

Sep 17 Berkeley's Amoeba Music sucks (berkeley)

Sep 17 RE:.................. I got screwed by obamacare

Sep 17 A BBW fan, about model types (pittsburg / antioch)

Sep 17 RE:I had been online "chatting" with Nikki (berkeley) pic

62 Sep 17 Why don't women post pics of their face? 62 (pittsburg / antioch)

Sep 17 10� bag charge is ridiculous (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

Sep 17 Re: my grindr hookups (youranus)

Sep 17 RE: Advice Needed (fairfield / vacaville)

Sep 17 re gf touched another penis

Sep 16 What do you think about think about these shoes (oakland west) pic

Sep 16 RE: Prayer at the Capitol (Yo Mama) ------is a Repugnut lie fest----- (OP: FUCK YO GAWD & YO MAMA)

14 Sep 16 re: My gf touched another man's penis and does not think it is a big d 14 (fremont / union city / newark)

Sep 16 Sally and wild thyme catering (walnut creek)

Sep 16 Prayer at the Capitol (Yo Mama)

66 Sep 16 Political Correctness- defined 66 (NORCAL)

28 Sep 16 GO KURDS 28 (IRAQ)

Sep 16 I feel so miserable without you; pic

Sep 16 RE: "What a leader should be" (little republican shit-ville) pic

43 Sep 16 A little story about two men 43 (hayward / castro valley)

Sep 16 No, I don't agree that all Muslims want Americans dead.

Sep 16 How about a few constructive ideas? (Phantom) pic

32 Sep 16 Anyone seen this car 32 (vallejo / benicia) pic

Sep 16 Crime Bulletins for the University of California at Berkeley pic

Sep 16 Oh Jez. Not This psycho Bitch again!?!? (i thought we flagged her off) pic

60 Sep 16 RE: MY version of the East Bay 'Stand Down' (Pleasanton) 60 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)

34 Sep 16 is is be headed 34 (danville / san ramon) pic

Sep 16 Obama trying to "make things equal"? (Ebola Town)

Sep 16 Question for the ladies (hayward / castro valley)

Sep 16 U got prob w/fatties? They have talent.. (berkeley)

Sep 16 NFL be discriminatin'! pic

Sep 16 should your employer be informed if you spank your child?

Sep 16 what to do?? (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

Sep 15 Kids stop listening to rap music! Here's why! (Stop following the media's lies)

32 Sep 15 RE: One more gun control post. 32

30 Sep 15 I was so naive 30 (danville / san ramon) pic

Sep 15 re:Get ready to die

Sep 15 re:Something has to be done about guns in this country

Sep 15 Nothing says "Douchebag" quite like....

Sep 15 Gun control

69 Sep 15 This fool needs to GO!! 69 (oakland east) pic

Sep 15 So much hate all around us

Sep 15 Re:"R", Baphomet(Satan) and the Torch pic

Sep 15 Re: drowning rat wrong?

Sep 15 Help Virgin Yard-Saler

Sep 15 Why is Myredbook shut down, but 1,000's & 1,000's of porn videos are pic

Sep 15 My friend's blog (berkeley)

Sep 15 re: 10� bag charge is ridiculous (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

Sep 15 Re: A Disturbing Trend Among ... (berkeley) pic

Sep 15 A Disturbing Trend Among Thai Sex Workers

Sep 15 Why? (???) pic

Sep 15 Re: I am a slave to your lovely lady legs - (Loserville) pic

Sep 15 White Teacher Wins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit pic

Sep 15 Your 10 cent bag rips, well dufuss another (berkeley) pic

39 Sep 15 Please Enjoy My Non-Edited Youtube Videos about Cars, Bikes, Reno, Mu. 39 (berkeley north / hills) pic

39 Sep 15 The B.M.X. Museum In Oregon 39 (berkeley north / hills) pic

Sep 15 Real Rock and Real Metal versus Fake Rock and Fake Metal (A showcase of logic)

Sep 14 Niners

Sep 14 118 Yards in Penalties! (49er fan)

Sep 14 How to lose your life savings of $700,000.00 at Smith Barney in Walnut (walnut creek)

Sep 14 Re: Are you in line?

Sep 14 RE:re: Niners will dominate tonight! pic

Sep 14 Local and State Police Involved in Sensitive Hemisphere Program ('eavesdroppers')

Sep 14 re: RAVE: advice

Sep 14 re: are you in line?

Sep 14 Raider Fans damn please read (East bay )

Sep 14 re: Niners will dominate tonight!

Sep 14 re: Please help. I want an abortion, husband is opposed

Sep 14 re: seriously need help

Sep 14 If the Raiders Move to LA...

100 Sep 14 Contra Costa water hoax 100 (brentwood / oakley)

Sep 14 Went To The Grocery Store

Sep 14 seriously need help (oakland downtown)

60 Sep 14 Speaking of good head....... 60 (berkeley)

Sep 14 Trannies give great head.... (berkeley)

Sep 14 re: why do "so called" straight men think a tranny is a woman?

Sep 14 RE: "the you may be a moron" post

Sep 14 Previously scrubbed pic of ISIS before beheading pic

Sep 14 The DEVIL said, "I want children". He created Muslims. (Hell's Gate) pic

Sep 14 RE: A little hair on that snatch (pittsburg / antioch) pic

Sep 14 re: I Hate On-Hold Music! (rather stick knitting needles in my ears)

Sep 14 I would think "R" would be interested in the "Jesus Trail" in Israel. pic

Sep 14 re:"are you in line?"

Sep 14 Rant & Raves CRAZY! (SF Bay Area)

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