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Tue 29 Jul

Jul 29 Islam's rules for having SEX WITH ANIMALS (who ewe?)

Jul 29 Obama hates the Jewish state of Israel (You don't ask an ally to commit suicide )

Jul 29 You are what you post! All that talk about bending and grabbing ankles (flaming closeted troll!)

Jul 29 Obama orders Netanyahu to bend over and grab his ankles (Netanyahu tells Obama Go F yourself!)

Jul 29 Botox Face Pelosi Says Hamas Is Humanitarian map

Jul 29 Circle the Wagons (campbell) map

Jul 29 Blg 7 Was Only 300 Feet From the North Tower (the Giant Antenna Tower) (Both Towers Stood Over 1000 ft Tall)



Jul 29 BOKO HARaM, Afro, blacks SELLING OUT EACH-OTHER pic

Jul 29 Gelhaus, did it for JESUS, OCCUPY AND BABYLON map

Jul 29 How US and Blair plotted 'ceasefire' scam

Jul 29 9 things the American media isn't telling you about Israel/Palestine

Jul 29 Coverup's Really Hurt America !! (San Francisco) pic

Jul 29 Drone shows Hamasholes having sex with goats during cease fire pic

Jul 29 Pig Of The Day (415451)

Jul 29 "Arab leaders never encouraged the Palestinians to flee." (Myth or Fact)

Jul 29 Maiti Nepal- Help end human/child trafficking (Nepal/India) (downtown / civic / van ness) pic

Mon 28 Jul

Jul 28 The War Against Putin (5 Stars) (sf) pic

Jul 28 Proportional Response

Jul 28 93,000 signatures WTC 7 ballot measure (danville / san ramon) pic

Jul 28 AUDIO CLIPS===>WHO KICKS THE LLAMA'S ASS?==>RuffRydrzRADIO==>1415 HITS (cole valley / ashbury hts) pic

Jul 28 Rotten & Corrupt Democrats/Unions Control SF, Bay Area,& CA (Criminally insane Dem socialists ruining CA)

Jul 28 Pay 50 cents tax on your drink say the Prog clowns on the BoS (Lefty Progs say pay & obey)

Jul 28 Peter Y. Liu, running for Office of Mayor, Oakland 2014. (oakland lake merritt / grand) pic

Jul 28 Response to Hillary's Anti Gun Comment. (oakland downtown) map

Jul 28 Why there are civilians killed and injured in Gaza (Hamas launch missiles in Civilian areas)

Sun 27 Jul

Jul 27 The geoengineering in the skies is undeniable! The UN discusses it! pic

Jul 27 Dr. Gallo created HIV at Ft Dietrich (for Depopulation)

Jul 27 GMO Food? EAT SHIT & DIE! (1984)

Jul 27 being subjected to shameful racism by (ever bodies chillrens) pic

Jul 27 "creative" parasitic dot-com organism, the leech of landed property (Feeds on Suffering Poor Folks)

Jul 27 End The Fed!!! (Everywhere) pic

Jul 27 ISRAEL, the Terrorist State -Really?

Jul 27 this Female Women Thinks [oxymoron]

Jul 27 Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinians

Jul 27 ISRAEL, the Terrorist State pic

Jul 27 $8 million a day to Israel just doesn't make sense! pic map

Jul 27 Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinians

Jul 27 Need Ride to New York City Aug.1 (millbrae)


Jul 27 Well... I guess we all owe the conspiracy theorists a big apology.

Jul 27 To Trolling AGW deniers - who are utterly wrong (Reality) (Yeah, Reality)

Jul 27 Here you are, Brother Dick Gregory (Why are you Ignorant?)

Jul 27 Re: Circle the Wagons (campbell)

Jul 27 PRO ISRAEL RALLY (back by popular demand!) map

Jul 27 To Trolling AGW deniers - who are utterly wrong (Reality)

Jul 27 Obama (and the Democrats) Foreign Policy Blunders (san jose east)

Jul 27 What Dick Gregory says RE: The Indian (old kiowa)

Jul 27 to Troll Climate Change Deniers (You are RIGHT)

Jul 27 from Hoovervills to Obammavills

Jul 27 Ride offer East Bay to L.A./Glendale 8/4 (concord / pleasant hill / martinez) map

Jul 27 re./Berkelely AKA "The Indian" is still trolling CL! (inner sunset / U

Jul 27 re Problems of Society Yes Indeed! (We Need 12 step) (financial district)

Jul 27 re:Hamas vs Techies pic

Jul 27 Are We a Compassionate Nation?

Jul 27 Yasser Afafats tricked a 12-year-old boy ( bomb in his school bag) pic

Jul 27 CISPA Blackout

Jul 27 No Room in America-Palistian=Homelessness (But Ours Don't Bomb) pic

Jul 27 Pig Of The Day (415451)

Jul 27 Hamas vs Techies (mission district) pic map

Jul 27 RuffRydrz-RADIO=>GOP LIKE JAWS==>TAKES A "BITE" OUT OF O'S HEALTH CARE (petaluma) pic

Jul 27 Nancy Pelosi On CNN Today pic map

Jul 27 Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility (san jose downtown)

Jul 27 Poll: Most Palestinians want to eliminate Israel

Jul 27 Palestinian Opinion Polls

Jul 27 Palestinians wanting return to their homes posed no danger to Israel (Myth or Fact)

Jul 27 UN resolutions call for Israel to repatriate all Palestinian refugees (Myth or Fact)

Sat 26 Jul

Jul 26 Problems of Society (downtown / civic / van ness) map

Jul 26 One million Palestinians were expelled by Israel from 1947--49." (Myth or Fact)

Jul 26 12 New cel towers in Aptos supervisors do nothing more to follow (aptos)

Jul 26 *** Crisis at the White House

Jul 26 RoughRiderz-RADIO==>(6-min.)==>ObamaCare==>Takes Big Hit This Week! (cole valley / ashbury hts) pic

Jul 26 to a research project conducted by Facebook

Jul 26 Insane 1

Jul 26 World's 85 richest earn more than 3.5 billion poorest: UN report (Que (News/business/world)

Jul 26 So I Have a Little Fun Spoofing the Ayatollah of Aptos (It Was Satire- You are paranoid) pic

Jul 26 The Cause of AGW/ Global Wrming

Jul 26 Programmer Develops Twitter Bot to Troll Climate Change Deniers

Jul 26 Towers in My Town: At Least I Can Spell (Old Hillbilly FOOL!) pic

Jul 26 AUDIO->6-MIN-->D.C. CT. OF APPEALS "SLAMS" ON OBAMACARE=>UP 2 SUP. CT. (dublin / pleasanton / livermore) pic

Jul 26 Movie about The Farm-Jewish Film Festival 2day (financial district) pic map

Jul 26 There Are All Kinds Of Cell Towers in My Town: At Least I Can Spell It

Jul 26 Berkelely AKA "The Indian" is still trolling CL

Jul 26 (berkeley) ("Foolish or dan(berkeley) (south san francisco) (C.U.N.T.) (gOLDEN gOOSE alert!)

Jul 26 Re; no free frogs & the benefits of taking meds and recieving therapy pic

Jul 26 A Letter to The President, Lincolin

Jul 26 Berkelely AKA "The Indian" is still trolling CL! (inner sunset / UCSF)

Jul 26 REx Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinians pic

Jul 26 Fat People Need Not Apply-LIAR pic

Jul 26 RE x: iar: re: x3 A word for the utterly predictable Obama bashin (mi (i am only 1.4) pic

Jul 26 My KRON 4 Story Idea * (financial district)

Jul 26 Human Rights" Activists | Elliott Hamilton | (The Times of Israel)

Jul 26 We could easily afford infrastructure upgrades... (berkeley) if Bush h (East Bay)

Jul 26 the king troller and chief is back (Your Wish is Answered) pic

Fri 25 Jul

Jul 25 Audio Clip (6-min/15sec)=>ObamaCare Hit Hard This Week=>Listen To This (oakland downtown) pic

Jul 25 JOAN RIVERS FOR SECRETARY OF STATE!!! (oakland east) map

Jul 25 Saddam's WMD site found near Bagdad (castro / upper market) map

Jul 25 == Did you know a third Tower fell on 9/11 ? = = > [] [] [] ( )

Jul 25 Sewing person from Novato is a rip off and a thief (Novato)

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