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Wed 27 Aug

21 Aug 27 Re: Stop being illiterate! You are not helping your weak ass cause! 21

Aug 27 Re: serious question for long haired men

Aug 27 Re: Real Rock and Real Metal versus Fake Rock and Fake Metal (A showcase of who cares!)

Aug 27 RE: Most annoying accents

31 Aug 27 RE: A RAVE!!! Why are Asians preferred? Why do YOU prefer Asians?? 31 (Paglieri clan)

Tue 26 Aug

Aug 26 RRedbook/Prostitution IS RAPE!!! - 24 (mission district)e: (south san francisco)

Aug 26 Re:Your Tax dollars To Israel - 28 (bayview) (south san francisco)

34 Aug 26 Anyone here for the right reasons? ! 34

Aug 26 Re As Usual the WHITE MANS response

78 Aug 26 YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT R E A L L Y STUPID IS?....READ THIS GENIUS! 78 (Oh Geez'CAN you EVEN R E A D?...Doubtful) pic

Aug 26 One out of Three W4M ads is REAL (belmont) pic

Aug 26 RE: Do men secretly dislike real woman's bodies? (san mateo)

55 Aug 26 companies-will-flee-to-canada 55 (palo alto)

28 Aug 26 Do men secretly dislike real woman's bodies? 28 (san mateo)

Mon 25 Aug

Aug 25 A plea for understanding (not a religious sermon) (no racism, please!)

Aug 25 White man/Black man (south san francisco)

29 Aug 25 it's not fair! Blacks should be able to fight the police during arres 29 (mountain view)

33 Aug 25 Rant: Been having good luck with CE, but tonight.. 33 (burlingame) pic

Aug 25 Impeach obama

15 Aug 25 re: spelling or censorship 15 (san mateo) pic

Aug 25 # 2 Ink Cartridges for HP Photojet C7280 (foster city) pic

Aug 25 Computer Recreation of United Flight 93 to San Francisco on 9-11-01 pic

Aug 25 mexican illegal inmigration...the cancer of america ! (san mateo)

Aug 25 REre -Did you lose anything in the quake ? (menlo park)

Sun 24 Aug

32 Aug 24 Why doesn't Craigslist. ... 32 (san mateo)

Aug 24 Jeff Angerle (Jersey boy) wishes he could suck Sam Sung!

Aug 24 Re: If you wear a football I'll follow u to your house - 34 (south san francisco)

Aug 24 Re: Football Jersey wanna be's (burlingame) (south san francisco)

Aug 24 ORLANDO LAROSA offers free blowjobs! (south san francisco)

Aug 24 Football Jersey wanna be's (burlingame)

Aug 24 Re Why vote for a President (south san francisco)

Aug 24 My penis is the perfect size for it fits (burlingame)

Aug 24 Know No Evil ... Stay Away From Evil For Your Own Good !!!!!! (atherton) pic

Aug 24 Pulling a drunk (atherton) pic

Sat 23 Aug

Aug 23 The True Account of Air France Flight 139 & the Israeli Special Forces pic

Aug 23 re: Does penis size really matter? (atherton) pic

Aug 23 Re: RE: How many whites have been killed by cops compared to whites? (south san francisco)

Aug 23 Proud Mary keep on burning (atherton) pic

Aug 23 Garlic in Gilroy (atherton) pic

Aug 23 Ladies...Saturday morning butthole inspection SEND PICS

Aug 23 Re: Halp!!! Found more birth control pills in my daughter's room!! - (south san francisco)

Aug 23 Re: Re. Appalled Lesbo-Mom? (south san francisco)

Aug 23 Re: Jewish Sex Doctor Ruth Westheimer Was a Sniper for Israel (south san francisco)

Aug 23 Re: Re: As a lesbian, I was appalled this morning (south san francisco)

Fri 22 Aug

Aug 22 Re: Ranting @ranters poor english...Where to start on this FAIL!?

Aug 22 Re: Terrorist this weekend...another illiterate bitch.

Aug 22 Re: Palestinian Gays Flee to Israel (south san francisco)

Thu 21 Aug

Aug 21 Active member of Morons Unanimous (south san francisco)

15 Aug 21 re: spelling 15 (bigotville)

Aug 21 Re: re: spelling on craigslist - 15 (san mateo) (south san francisco)

Aug 21 The united states of morons (FAIL) pic

Aug 21 Re: re:Police: Equip Them With Body-Mounted Cameras At All Times (south san francisco)

Aug 21 Re: How Many Unarmed White Teens Shot ? (Racist Amerikkka) (south san francisco)

Aug 21 Re: Re MUSLIMS ARE SCUMBAG MURDERERS (south san francisco)

Aug 21 Re: OMG! You people and your perfect grammar...SHUT THE FUCK UP! - 1 (south san francisco)

Wed 20 Aug

Aug 20 Re: RE Re3: Spelling in CL ads... How about no? (south san francisco)

Aug 20 Re: Hey error word finder! Can you help me with my spelling? (south san francisco)

Aug 20 Re: Caveman look trend pic

Aug 20 Sometimes, give benefit of a doubt, but Negro attitude prevents...

54 Aug 20 what if officer williams 54 (san bruno)

Aug 20 Re: Why can't they listen and do as told (south san francisco)

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