First, know that I am allergic to cats. So if what I am seeking includes a cat there is no need to read further.

I am a United States Air Force veteran. (I was a medic.) I am capable, reliable, trustworthy, organized clean, and can get any job done. I do not smoke. I do not "drink." I do not use chemicals recreationally.

My current income is only from a VA disability pension. (What is my disability? I do not know for certain. I had a herniated disk, which has been repaired with NO limitations post-op. At the outset I applied for money monthly until I had recovered and during the process it was decided that I am "disabled." The amount is modest. It is not enough to live anywhere in Marin other than public housing which has a HUGE bureaucracy attendant to it and is profoundly repressive. I have been living "under the thumb" of that regime for nine-years and I have had my fill of it! I am looking for a stable situation in which I can enjoy what I consider a "normal" life, free of inspections and ever-changing rules that are not enforced uniformly by people who are incompetent and a organization that is dysfunctional to its core.

I have a background in the medical field and am open to some "care-giving." I was a medic in the USAF during which I was stationed on a RADAR site, on top of a mountain in Oregon, and with two sergeants I cared for approximately 180 men and the family of about one-third of them. (A M.D. visited one-half day per month; otherwise we were on our own.) I am exceptionally smart, very well-educated; have many active interests (sports is NOT one of them). I am clean, quiet, well-organized, and like to keep things clean.

I am offering myself as a service provider. I am aggressive about my health and know how to manage medication dosing, including insulin. Of course, I am proficient at using a blood-pressure measuring device and a glucometer and adjusting medications according to the results obtained. I am exceptionally good at maintaining a house, both inside and out: cleaning; painting; electrical; plumbing; carpentry; etc. I am quite domestic. I LIKE to do things that most men try to avoid, such as laundry.

I am a long-time San Rafael resident. I am looking for a house-sharing situation for a very low rent or total-trade for rent. I am 34-year resident of San Rafael and have no plans to leave.

I have a wide variety of interests. The ones I pursue actively are computer related activities; audio mixing and editing; electronics construction and repair; photography, and; woodworking. These things are done alone, so I will spend most of the time in my room or, if my company is desired, doing something like watching TV with my housemate.

I need at private room; with a private bathroom. I also require a storage space equal to a one-car garage to store mostly cardboard file-storage boxes filled with documents; spray paint; craft supplies, photography equipment and supplies, and; scientific instruments.

What I view as an ideal situation is a man in his 60s or 70s whose wife has died in recent months, who is lonely and whose family would feel comfortable knowing that a friendly companion lived with him who would manage the household and ensure that their father (or brother), etc., was well nourished, properly medicated, and always safe.

Details about expense-sharing, chores, and other related responsibilities can be easily worked-out.

My direct e-mail address will be included in my reply.


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