DVD Exchange (albany / el cerrito)

Here's a chance for you to trade off all those DVDs you're tired of for new ones. I have 100's of DVDs available for trade at the rate of 1 of my discs for each 2 of yours. All DVDs traded in must be region 1 or region free originals (no DVD-Rs) in very good condition or better.

Why am I asking for 2 of yours for each 1 of mine? Simple, you get the advantage of being able to choose from 100's of titles & types. I'm willing to take most DVDs offered (I do reserved the right to reject any DVDs I feel are junk titles or are in poor condition). That means you can send me a list of any amount (even just 2) and then pick from 100's. I'll also take any type for whatever type you want. Example: You inherited a bunch of horror films and would rather have Adult DVDs. Or your ex-boyfriend left a bunch of porn behind and you'd like to get some chick flicks. No problem, I'll do it.
Here are just some of the DVDs I have to offer:

"Alien Adventure" 2D/3D versions (factory sealed)
"Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits Vol.1"
"American Idol, In Search Of A Superstar" first season with Kelly Clarkson (factory sealed)
"The Astronaut Farmer"
"Barbershop 2"
"Bee Movie" animated movie
"Big Wind On Campus" (factory sealed)
"Binge & Purge"
"Bowling For Columbine"
"Bobby" widescreen
"Bobby Jones" special edition
"Bonanza Town" Smiley Burnette
"Black Beauty"
"Blood Sisters" (factory sealed)
"Blood Tease"
"Chicago" the musical
"CSI" season 1 - Discs 1-5 only and artwork/case
"Coach Carter" widescreen
"City By The Sea"
"Club Dread"
"The Clearing"
"Creature Unknown" (factory sealed)
"Converversations With Other Women"
"Coyote Ugly"
"Desperate Housewives" Season 1 (factory sealed) 6 disc
"Dinner For Schmucks"
"Dirty Sanchez" unrated (factory sealed)
"Dead & Rotting" special limited edition
"Deadly Scavengers" Giant bugs (factory sealed)
"Demon Lover"/"Gargoyle Girls" Drive-in double feature (factory sealed)
"Donnie Brasco" Al Pachino
"88 Minutes"
"Edward Scissorhands"
"8 Of Diamonds"
"Entourage" season 1
"Eli Stone" season 1
"Eyes Of The Werewolf" (factory sealed)
"Extreme Force" (factory sealed)
"The Ex"
"Far Out Man" Tommy Chong
"The 4th Tenor" Rodney Dangerfield
"The Fog"
"Flash Frames" Great animation & music videos (factory sealed)
"Flesh Freaks" zombies
"The Great Ziegfeld"
"Grease" (cover art has water damage)
"Groundhog Day"
"A Gun, A Car, A Blond" Billy Bob Thornton
"Happy Feet"
"Happy Hour"
"Happy Here And Now"
"Haunted Castle" 2D/3D versions
"Heroes" first season - 7 discs
"Hell Asylum"
"Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" widescreen
"The House That Screamed"
"Hot Fuzz" (disc only)
"Hunting Season"
"Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical"
"Konga" 1961 british movie about a giant gorilla
"The Last Castle"
"Last Holiday"
"The Last Winter" (no cover art)
"Last Stand" Futuristic Sci-Fi
"Lost" season 1 (7 discs)
"Lou Reed, Berlin"
"Man With Two Brains"
"Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus"
"Mighty Joe Young" original
"The Method"
"Mondo Balordo"
"Music From Another Room"
"Munster's Revenge"
"Mute Witness"
"Ocean's 11" George Clooney
"Our Gang"
"Paintball Jungle Battle Cam, California" (factory sealed)
"People I Know" Al Pacino
"Princess Diaries 2"
"Playing For Keeps"
"The Phantom Of The Opera" musical
"Rachel Getting Married"
"Realms Of Blood" Trio of horror stories
"Revenge Of The Rats"
"Recess, School's Out" Disney animated feature
"Running Mates"
"Return To Me" (factory sealed)
"September Dawn"
"The Secret Lives Of Dentists"
"Silent Hill" (missing cover art)
"Space Cowboys"
"Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2002" includes both DVD & VHS (factory sealed)
"Slow Burn"
"Son Of Kong"
"Satanic Rites Of Dracula"
"Scenes From A Mall" Woody Allen (Blu-Ray)
"Scrubs" season 5 - 3 disc (factory sealed)
"The Spencer Tracy Legacy"
"Spider-Man" (Disc one & case - No features disc)
"Suckers" funny comedy
"Studio 999" (missing cover art)
"Three's Company" season one
The Three Stooges "Three Smart Saps"
"Talladega Nights" (disc only)
"Terror Taxi" Tokyo Shock
"Tremors 4"
"Trick Or Treat" Gene Simmons
"Two Can Play That Game"
"Thunderbird 6" 1968 puppet feature
"Tekkonkinkreet" Anime
"Vampire Carmilla"
"War In Iraq, The Road To Baghdad"
"Watchmen" widescreen
"World Trade Center"
"Wrong Turn"
"The Woods" (missing cover art)
"Wild Spirit" an erotic ghost story
"Where's Marlowe?"
"Young Guns" (factory sealed)
"Zombie Chronicles"
Because of all the games and nonsense happening here on CL, I must ask that you send your trade-in list and your local phone number in your first message. Also send a list of the types you like so I can send you a bigger list of what titles you could pick from. All others will just be deleted.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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