9/1-9/14: BASS LESSONS: Emphasis on the Psychology of Practice/Playing (Bay Area)

I love playing bass. The electric bass' role in modern music is just... well... "fun" for lack of a more sophisticated way of saying it. The bass and stringed instruments in general are very visual. The visual nature of the bass offers us the ability to learn and play every major scale and its pentatonic variation at every position on the fretboard, without ever having to learn all those scales (and modes) as independent concepts.

It's a new ballgame when you can play a groove in any key anywhere on the neck as well as do harmonic analysis of other players' bass lines. Being able to picture what you're playing within the overall structure adds a new layer of depth to your playing.

**With beginners, I place less emphasis on scales and more on just mastering basic movements. Then we will organically arrive at a place where you'll need to learn scales and understand basic theory.
***With advanced players, I try to help break any bad technique habits that are hindering your progress and find some target riffs and exercises that address specific things we want to try to add to your skill set, along with any theory/scale work we're doing.

I emphasize learning tasteful "lyrical" bass playing, trying to make your own bass lines into "hooks," when the song presents you an opportunity to do so. We want to really play a part in the band, not just be the kick drum buddy. (I'm not saying that only hooky, flashy bass playing is good. It totally depends on what you're playing.)

Whatever style(s) you're into, we can find something at your skill level to work on. I only work w/ adults and teens; every student that comes to me has unique needs/interests. I try to help them build the skill set they'll need to play their favorite genres vs. some sort of set course of study. I have no minimum amount of lessons per month or year. We'll work at YOUR pace.

My rate is $40 per hour. I teach almost exclusively hour-long lessons. I teach at my studio in Berkeley. I'm close to Bart. I offer student and senior discounts. All ages. All Levels. Degree in music. References. Credit/Debit cards and PayPal accepted. (and cash of course)

Thanks in advance for your time.

The Blueschool
Berkeley, CA
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